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Julie is  a quilt finisher from north of where I like in Spring Valley, MN.  I regularly drop off quilt tops to her on my way to doctor appointments.  It’s kind of funny…I drop them off, she starts working on them.  By the time she almost has them all finished, it’s time for me to go to the doctor again.  HA!  It’s a pretty good system.  You might remember that Julie also makes a lot of pillowcases.

Julie recently sent me a group of pictures that I thought I would share with you today.

A new Veteran’s home is being built in Preston, MN.  Julie has been starting to put quilts together to donate there.  A kind blog reader donated this top.  Julie has a friend that generously helps with the longarming.  Here it is off the frame and ready to bind.

The motif is awesome!

I am sure this one will be loved.

I am not sure who donated the tops…If it was you and… you’re reading this, please let us know in the comments if one of these might have been a top you donated.

Julie does a lot of quilts that are donated to kids so this one would be perfect for that.

The colors are very kid friendly…bright and cheery.

I love the motif on this!!

Julie found the perfect batik for the backing.  It looks like one of those hard to use batiks with the color change so drastic but it’s PERFECT for a backing!

Julie does lots of quilt for benefits, the ambulance, nursing home and other worthy causes.  I’m betting this beauty will be perfect for a benefit.  The colors are great!

Here you can see the pretty motif for the machine quilting.

Another perfect backing.

Here is another…such a great design ans would be awesome for a controlled scrappy quilt.

Here is the quilting motif.  It’s perfect for the quilt.

Here you can see it better on the backing.

Julie said when she sent these that she will have 20 quilts to bind once the longarmer gets done with all of her work.  Julie is going to be really busy binding quilts!!  She loves it though as she is an avid charity quilter and takes pride in her work.

Julie is always looking for tops to finish.  You can see from the pictures the types of quilts she is wanting to finish…from kids, to patriotic, Kansas Troubles, to scrappy.  She loves novelty prints for pillowcases and would love backing fabric.

Julie said her next big push is to make pillowcases for the new Veteran’s home.  She is working on making 60 pillowcases all with patriotic fabrics. Julie would love any donations. Coming up with 60 yards of fabric to make 60 pillowcases is a task!!

Here is a contact for Julie .  Feel free to contact her for her address if you have some goodies you can send her way.

Thanks to those who sent goodies Julie’s way already.  I’m sure Julie will send more pictures as she finishes the rest of the quilts.

16 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Julie”

  1. How beautiful! That was a great way to start my day…. a quilty post and a cup of coffee on the porch before the heat turns back up! Blessings

  2. Beautiful quilts and finishes. The quilts will cherished by the recipient of each one. Great teamwork you all!

  3. I love seeing all the work people are doing for charities. The Paintbrush Piecers Quilt Guild will be hanging 40 quilts made for “Honor Quilts for Big Horn Basin” here in Northwestern Wyoming at the Yellowstone Quilt Fest July 29-30 in Cody. That is a shameless plug for the quilt show but mostly to brag about what a small group of dedicated quilters can produce. Between fabric and time donated the lives of veterans are celebrated on the day when presented with a veterans quilt. We sure do live in a country of generous people!

    1. Feel free to shamelessly plug. Your group did a lot of work and it deserves to be celebrated. I hope if anyone is in the Cody area that they can attend.

  4. Jo, once when I needed pillowcases but didn’t have the money to replenish all of them I bought a queen sized sheet. From that I made three sets of pillowcases. I used the finished edges of the sheet as much as possible and finished what I needed to myself. It was an economical way to make 3 sets.

  5. They are all beautiful — totally…. beautiful work. Thanks to all that are involved in the making of them-and thank you for sharing.

  6. Julie if you will email me, I will send 10 finished veteran pillowcases. I am in a group called Cindy’s Baking Angels, we send boxes of goodies to our deployed military. Pillowcases are frequently requested. I can make them in my sleep. Just email at the below email if you are not already swamped with donations.

    1. Julie Jackson

      Holly. I’m not real blog techy. Hopefully u got my reply. Text me if u did and I’ll send u my mailing address.

  7. What a beautiful way to wake up here in FL. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you and your community are doing

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