Community Quilts from Joy and Ray

I have some fun news to share with you.  Joy from The Joyful Quilter volunteered some time ago to finish some quilt tops and pass them on.  Happily, Joy has some helpers that help her so they are getting quilts finished efficiently.

Joy has been sending me emails of finished quilts and I have been hoarding them with the idea of putting them all in one blog post.  As I said Joy has her own blog where she blogged about all of these quilts so I am going to show you a picture or two of the quilts that I “stole” from her blog and then provide you with a link so you can go there and read more about the quilts.

First up is this pretty scrappy beauty.  What a fun combo of prints to make up a nice quilt.

Joy’s friend did the longarming on this…I love the texture.

You can read more about this quilt HERE.

Next up I have a quilt from Ray.  He writes:
This bright and bold quilt is from Arline in FL.

She also spoils me by including the backing and the binding with her tops.In the spring she met me and handed over several beautiful quilts for me to long arm and donate. Each is as gorgeous as the next. Every so often I find myself getting one of her quilts to long arm as they are so special. The teal fabrics and the orange fabrics really POP!! I decided to use the circle motif to break up the lines and to coordinate with the blues in the quilt.

I happened to have a light blue thread that blended in well on the front and the back. Thanks to you and Arline for the makings of this wonderful quilt. Love it!

Hey blog reader/Bonnie Hunter fans.  I think this might have been made using leftovers from a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  What do you think??

Ray finished another quilt…Here it is.

He writes:
This is a beautiful quilt from Becky that you forwarded to me. It is a nine patch pattern made of pastel gingham and white blocks.

It is sashed with a pastel circle fabric that really compliments the blocks. It is so adorable and cute! Before anyone questions it, yes, I did quilt it sideways for several reasons. It is 49 x 84. Rather long and narrow. The top was assembled in columns with no corner blocks. It was much easier to keep it straight by turning it 90 degrees. I also did not have to advance and reset the quilt on the frame as much and was quicker to complete. Also, the floral motif is not directional. I have done this for a few customers that made wide king quilts so that I could get them on my ten-foot frame. I used a white thread on the front and back to minimize the quilting.

The backing is from Colleen M. in MN.

I really like this quilt and think it would be a great quilt to use on the couch and share since it is so long. Thanks to you, Becky, and Colleen for getting the makings to me for this beautiful quilt.”

Aren’t they all great?  I can’t pick a favorite.  Thanks to everyone who helped bring these quilts to a finish from the original sewists to the people who donated goodies and of course the finishers.


3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Joy and Ray”

  1. You are correct the teal and orange was part of a Bonnie Hunter mystery. It was my first time doing a mystery and didn’t read the size it would finish at. Once I began to lay it out on my bed I realized that I was going to have to break it down into more manageable sizes. So glad Ray has been able to use the 3 tops that are the result of this mystery.

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