Community Quilts from Joey

I have community quilts from Joey to share with you today. She is a new finisher and happily, she wants to keep finishing quilts.

Joey writes:

I’ve contemplated for a couple of years to become a finisher for your donated quilts. I decided when you put out the call for finishers, I would jump on the band wagon. I first contacted Michelle at Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program (SWCAP)
Serving the Counties of Iowa, Lafayette, Grant, Green & Richland. We work to mitigate the causes and conditions of poverty in Southwestern Wisconsin, building resilience and self-sufficiency by providing supportive services and programs, and by collaborating with partners.SWCAP is a catalyst for building communities of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty is overcome, and all people are empowered and thrive

to see  if there was a need & a resounding yes came back. 

I received 7 tops. I believe they came from the Cresco ladies the end of January. My long arm went out of commission & the service tech put me in the schedule for 2/28. I got busy finding fabric &  making the backings. 

The long arm is fixed and I’ve been quilting non stop to catch up with customers & the donation quilts.

First up is this cute little Halloween quilt. I found more Halloween fabric in my stash to back & bind it. I used a simple meander to quilt it.

Next was this…

baby quilt with the burgundy sash. I found the star border & binding to finish it off, the pink flannel fell out of the closet while looking for the stars, so I used it. I used a natural thread, and a string & loop design to mimic the balloons on the fabric. 

Next is this super cute kids quilt with Monkeys on it. I “monkeyed around with the quilting & added the orange binding. 

 I have the other 4 quilted, now to bind. I do have some customer quilts I need to do so it may be a few days.

Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies who made all of these tops…also thanks to Joey for marvelously finishing these. They turned out so nice. I am sure they will be loved.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Joey”

  1. I’m so pleased for you to have another quilt finisher, Jo. It’s mind-boggling how many tops must get sent out to finishers!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The quilts are cute and will keep someone’s baby warm. Thanks to everyone for pitching in to help.

  3. Joey has done beautiful finishing with these Cresco Ladies tops. I laughed about the flannel falling out of the closet. We can all relate!

  4. Could you give my contact info to Joey? Evidently I live pretty close by her (La Crosse) & would be happy to supply her with tops, backs, whatever.
    It’s so awesome that you have so many fantastic “contributors” who are doing such wonderful things. “Many hands make light work”.

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