Community Quilts from Joey

Joey, the quilt finishers to the east of me…(I’m in Iowa, she’s in Wisconsin) has a community quilt report to share with us today.

Joey writes:
This lovely hand-stitched top is a generous 80 x 100, along with several large cuts of fabric from Mary in CA. When finished will go to SWCAP. Thanks for the generous donation, Mary.

I received some donations directly from Rebecca B in WI. Batting & yardage for backings, borders, or sashing.

This brown square in square is 48 x 54 included is the brown piece for binding.

This is right in line with the season, fall colors are awesome. Twin size 76 x 94 includes a sunflower binding piece.

Cute doggy quilt with matching binding, 44 x 55

I love the sea colors on this one, I may keep this back & see if I can add to it to make it larger. It measures 28 x 36. With binding

This is such a great combo, 65 x 76 love the pinks and purples in this scrappy quilt!

The next 2 are from Anonymous in Boise ID, the top measures 58 x 70. Beautiful batiks. This will be fun to put some fancy quilting on it.

These a fabric yardage, It will make a fantastic backing or border. They also included cash. No name just an address. I so appreciate the donation.

Thanks to all of you who donate. I need to make a storage area for all of the donations. I think getting them photographed when they arrive verses when they get donated will help me keep track better. If I mixed anything up I do apologize.

Getting them to people to keep them warm is our goal.

Oh my…Joey, you are going to be a busy gal!! I can’t wait to see all of these finished (No hurry though)!! Thanks to the people who donated goodies to Joey. I am sure she is already busy matching tops to backing fabric. Joey really is dedicated and hard-working!!

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  1. Such beautiful quilts. I am sure once Joey has the quilting done, they will be even prettier! Thank you, Joey, and all the others who donated these beautiful quilt tops.

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