Community Quilts from Joey

Joey has been cranking out quilts right and left. Here is her latest installment of finished quilts.

Joey writes:
Here’s 5 more quilts done & going to SWCAP. The group works to mitigate the causes and conditions of poverty in Southwestern Wisconsin, building resilience and self-sufficiency by providing supportive services and programs, and by collaborating with partners.

SWCAP is a catalyst for building communities of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty is overcome, and all people are empowered and thrive.

The top was donated by the Cresco Ladies, and the backing was donated by Kenda T, from Wisconsin, I brought the backing to the front to bind, a simple meander for quilting.

Another small quilt donated by the Cresco Ladies, 36 by 36, again meandering for quilting with purple binding the backing is like the next photo, donated by Jane W from Wisconsin. 

This quilt top was donated the Cresco Ladies as well. Backing donated by Jane W from Wisconsin, meandering as the quilting. SWCAP was in need of some quilts quickly. 

The next two quilts were donated by Rebecca from WI, a lovely purple scrap quilt & a panel. The binding came along with one backing, I used up some other purple fabric to make both backings. 

I have a baker’s dozen that I’ve made backings for that I will get quilted soon. 

If anyone would like to send tops or fabric directly to me, here’s my contact info.

Joey Mahieu
31 High St 
Mineral Point, WI 53565

Many thanks to Joey and all of the people who made tops. The top makers are the unsung heroes. Thanks for your hard work!!

Joey has become a HUGE asset to the Community Quilt Project. She would happily welcome tops, backing, and binding fabrics. I have started sending her batting so I think she is good in that aspect. Joey also does longarming professionally so feel free to hit her up for that as well.

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  1. The last top has to be my favourite; the flowers on the front and the flower quilting shown on the back are perfect for each other. There’s so much thought and work put in to creating all these quilts by so many people.

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