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I have quilts from Joey to share with you today. She has been finishing quilts right and left. It’s so great to see them all.
Joey writes:

Here are 5 quilts completed. The tops & backings were donated by Kendra T from WI. I used the trimmings from the backs for bindings. These are all nearly twin sized. They’ll all go to SWCAP  for homeless, domestic violence survivors & foster care. They also Partner with which supply beds for kids.”

Joey didn’t give me a lot of information about the quilt tops. The first looks like it would be perfect for a Minnesota Vikings fan in purple and gold. I can see the concentric circle motif adding a lot of texture to this one.

Next up is a fun quilt with lots of yellows. It’s a color I don’t often use in quilts. I should probably use it more often. It looks so soft and buttery.

I think this one got the meander treatment.

The next two scrappy beauties got the concentric circle motif. It looks so nice and adds a lot of texture to each of the quilts. I often like to soften quilts with a lot of squares by adding a curvy motif. Joey must feel the same way.

Both of these are great scrap quilts. I am especially in love with the randomness of the quilt below. I am so tempted to make one. It also makes great use of a few random quilt blocks you might have leftover from a different project. Seriously…This is the perfect charity quilt. I love the color selection as well. It could happily serve as a boy or girl quilt!! Great idea and great work Joey!

The last one is a fun mix of pinks and blacks. I’m guessing this one is a meander motif. I always love a simple quilt of squares. You just can’t do it wrong!!

Thanks so much Kendra T for sending these great tops directly to Joey. It saves so much postage money!! If anyone else is interested in sending tops directly to Joey, you can do that. Here is her email contact.

You can see by the pictures that Joey will do a great job on your quilt and donate it to a great charity!!

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  1. May God be with you and may He give you the strenght that you need to fight this battle. My husband had lung cancer – he passed in 2018, but he had a great outlook on life and enjoyed each day. May God give you that outlook and may you enjoy each and every day. Enjoy your stitching. I know that if I didn’t have my stitching and the Lord, I’d be lost. God bless!

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