Community Quilts from Joey

Last Thursday Joey treated you to a big parade of Community Quilts that she finished. She’s at it again and is treating us to another parade.
Joey writes:

Donated by Rebeca B in WI. This batik quilt is so pretty love those colors. I did a bunch of different feathers up & down the rows.

The backing is from a duvet, bound in royal purple from my stash. Measured 58 x 70

Pink & purple square in a square donation from Rebecca B in WI measures 65 x 76 the duvet again.

Quilted with a curl with feathers.

Another from Rebecca B in WI 44 x 55

White backing, quilted with red thread in hearts and loops

Sunflowers & fall colors is so nice.
Measures 51 x 74 quilted with circular loops.

A cotton sheet for backing.

Rebecca is prolific, I’m not done with what she’s sent. Here’s A brown square in a square quilt 48 x 54.

I used the leftover plaid duvet and quilted I’d with curls, which could be for a guy or lady.

This vintage quilt is beautiful. I don’t have a label on it with a name though. I’m so sorry, I used a couple duvets to make the backing. This is 80 x 100” a big one.

I quilted it with free form Baptist fan.

These are donated to SWCAP.

Joey Mahieu
31 High St
Mineral point WI

WOW!! Great work Joey. You really were working hard on all of the quilts!! I love the Baptist fan!! Rebecca, I very much appreciate your donation of tops. So needed and so appreciated. You do a great job. Joey doesn’t mind using 100% cotton sheets for backing so if you have some and are willing to share, please contact Joey. Her email is Thanks so much for considering helping.

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Joey”

  1. I am always impressed with the donation quilts….such a wonderful example of accomplishing more as part of a group effort!
    Question for Jo: I often have a thought or question (or comment) about a previous post on your blog. Is it better to go back and write my comment on that particular post or make the comment on your latest post? I know you said you read all your comments, but just wondered if you know when new comments have been added to previous posts. I so enjoy your blog!!

    1. If you can it’s best to leave the comment on the post that way if you reference something I know what it’s related to. They pop up as fresh comments for me even though they are comments on older posts. Great question.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Kelly you’re some great stitcher. The fully stitched one you showed last. Is wonderful. I can understand why Georgia wants it. Very well done and well written.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog & have such a great place to donate my quilt tops (I’ve had a stroke & my Mayo doctors tell me quilting is good therapy for me so I make lotsa quilt tops). Joey always does such a beautiful job of quilting them! And SWCAP is a great Wisconsin place for them to end up.

  4. Good morning-
    I have a few quilt tops, a couple with backing and binding, others with binding that I’d like to send in to someone. Sizes vary. I gather from reading through the community quilts posts that they’ve sent to Jo for distribution. Is that correct? If so, or not, where do I send them? Thanks.

  5. Your quilting designs are stunning on each quilt! You’ve put so much love and care into each beautiful quilt! A wonderful gift to whomever receives them.

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