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I had Jazz recently contact me asking about getting quilts tops and finishing them for our community quilt project.  I told you all about Jazz living in the Houston area.  Another blog reader Sarah said she had fabric to donate and that she would happily just pass it on to Jazz.  Today’s post is a great showing of the work Jazz has done with the donated goodies.

Jazz writes:
I promise you I’m a better quilter than I am a computer-user! 

Sarah donated sufficient gorgeous, double-sided quilting yardage to make three lap-sized (about 45″ squares) quilts. I bound one in purple cotton and two in mint green satin for three residents of the Goldberg B’nai B’rith Towers, an elderly housing facility near my house.

Sarah also gave me other fabrics that will be incorporated into quilts for one of these charities.

You sent me the unfinished bunny quilt top by an unnamed artist with a note suggesting that it be completed for a child. I made it about 45″ x 36″ and sandwiched it with Sarah’s batting (Thank you again, Sarah!), and bound and backed it with the same pink yardage I used for the other pictured quilt top (pictured) you sent.

The second top was also not credited, but both were meticulously pieced and pressed, which made them pure pleasures to quilt.

The bunny will go to the newborn nursery of Ben Taub Hospital, one of the Harris County hospitals here in Houston. The cheerful, colorful one next to it will go with some others to the Goldberg B’nai B’rith Towers.

My wife is an accomplished embroiderer. She created …

all the little boy going fishing squares in the next two quilts (one is a detail) and I pieced and completed them using the batting supplied by Sarah for the hospital nursery.

I made the blue and white nine-patch quilt from my own scraps and batted it with Sarah’s batting for the babies at the hospital.

Previously when I created a cat-motif quilt for Goldberg B’nai B’rith Towers it resulted in requests for more so I embroidered this one, sandwiched with Sarah’s batting, to go along with some others for the residents there.

The last two pictures are of another baby quilt and detail for Ben Taub Hospital, also finished with Sarah’s batting. These tops were in my “done and waiting completion” pile, so now, with Sarah’s gift they are ready to be donated.

I still have three beautiful children’s quilt tops made in bright conversation prints; a mostly blue and white with some red top; a muted pastel (peach, green, blue, purple) top; another juvenile top made from a coordinated collection of animal prints all from Joann in San Francisco Bay, as well as a lively, merry top with interspersed four-patches from Joyce in Omaha to look forward to.

As soon as these are done I’ll forward pictures. Please thank all the artists for me for the privilege of being part of your giving project. And, thank you, too!

Wow.  Thank you to everyone!!  I am impressed.  Aren’t you?  I am always nervous when I send out things to new volunteers.  I probably shouldn’t be.  I’ve had good luck all along.  I am so excited that Jazz has joined the team of quilters working on charity projects.  I would be thrilled if anyone would like to donate other goodies Jazz’s way.  She lives in the Houston area.  I’m sure batting, backing, embroidery goodies, and quilt tops would all be very appreciated.  Jazz told me that batting is something she really has a need for.  You can contact Jazz at this email address…

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Jo, thank you for allowing me to participate in your charity quilt outreach.

    Presently I’m sandwiching a lovely quilt you sent me, pieced by Joann in San Fransisco Bay in Downton Abbey quilting fabric. She is a master quilter; I’m inspired by her skill and imagination. I can’t wait to show you how it finishes!

  2. Welcome to Jo’s charity quilting extravaganza! I am for sure not talented enough to quilt for charity, but I do enjoy seeing what everyone else can accomplish! That embroidery was adorable.

  3. Jazz finished some great quilts that will make their recipients happy and cozy! I love the nine patch with the hourglass blocks sprinkled in!

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