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Oh, happy day.  I have quilts from Jazz to share with you.  Jazz was a real trooper.  She tried several times before the photos would finally come in an email to me.  I so appreciate her trying because the quilts are so pretty!!

Jazz writes:
Hey, Jo! Your followers just energize me so much! Here are three quilts I finished with a little help from our friends.

The first one is a string quilt. Holly Melton from IN made two squares and I made two from the scraps she included. I sashed them in gold and backed them in teal with glitter thread.

The exquisite watercolor wreath (swoon!) was a donation from Sue Rea of Pearland, TX. She contacted me in… January and we met to make a transfer of fabric. She loaded up my little car with scraps and started projects. This one was finished with more of the same gold and other strips from my stash and backed with blue flannel. I am continuing to enjoy her contributions and will be sending more photos of my creations from them.

The last picture in this submission was made from the embroidered clowns you sent me from an anonymous artist. They are finely stitched in vivid colors, just perfect for a new baby at the Ben Taub (Harris County, Houston, Texas) Hospital nursery. I completed it with scraps I had and backed it with grey and white polka dot flannel.

Each of these quilts is between 36” and 45” squares, as per the request of the Harris Health in-kind donation coordinator, filled with the batting you sent me. Since they are now seeking similarly sized lap quilts for teens and adults my repertoire is expanding to help meet that need.

Thank you to Holly, Sue, and all your kind fans who keep me in scraps, threads, flannel backs, and supreme happiness with their gifts. Since I’ve retired from full-time nursing, they have enabled me to be able to continue my mission of helping by making and providing charity quilts. I appreciate them all.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Very pretty/cute quilts for some little bundle. Thanks to all for their donations of time, fabric, and quilting. Great job!

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Love the 1st. 2 quilts. I’m not fond of clowns. To each his/her own taste. Well done everyone

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Jazz, you added beautiful finishing touches on all these quilts! Thanks to all those who helped you on the front end to make these donations.

  3. Thanks to everyone! These quilts are each a collaboration between some very skilled artists who started each one, and my efforts to complete them (mostly with scraps and backs donated by other fans of Jo.)
    I love making them all and am grateful to all the contributors.

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