Community Quilts from Jazz

I’m so happy to be sharing quilts that Jazz finished.  They turned out so cute.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo! Here’s a note to say that you were right! In spite of accepting a new, part-time job I do still have time to continue my favorite pastime, quilting for the babies of the Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals in Houston, Texas. (Y’all might not know this about Jo, but she’s also a treasured, supportive listener if you have a disappointment or concern to share. And she gives excellent advice.)

My first example is one made from HSTs from the donated scraps of many of your devoted fans. You sent me the batting and luscious, blue flannel backing. Flannel is a favorite of new babies.

So are all the bright, cheerful colors. And even though you can’t tell by these pictures, I used glittery blue quilting thread on the back. Sparkly threads might be old news to most of your readers, but it’s new to me and I’m delighted with it.

The second quilt is… from a collection of a donation, too. Your followers give me the most wonderful pieces, orphan squares, and morsels! The white-on-white was a gift of Ila Migut of Des Plaines, IL. I’ve used it successfully on other pieces, too. I love the crisp effect of white-on-white!

The back and binding are a first-rate quality red and white print. You know how some fabrics have a very pleasurable, soft (expensive) feel to them? That’s the characteristic of this piece, that great “hand feel” and the deeply saturated red. Karen Vieine sent it to me last December and I’ve been holding it for the most perfect project since then. I think this is it.

The last one is a picture of (what remains of) the roll of batting you sent me.

I disassembled an old office chair to make a portable holder for it; it saves space, makes it easy to access and I keep it covered to keep it clean.”

WOW…I loved the quilts and the idea for the batting roll.  I saw this and have wanted to do this but to date, I haven’t found a cheap office chair at the thrift store.  Thanks for sharing the photo to remind me to keep looking.  I think it’s a great idea.  Batting rolls can be hard to wrangle.

Awesome work Jazz and thanks to all who have donated.  I love it!!

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Marie Ann Mann

    Jo, one of the handy boys in your family would be able to work out how to put a strong centre pole on a wheeled plot pant stand and that would work just as well, could also invert a plant pot on the stand to form a cone to hold the batting a bit more firmly.
    Marie in Western Australia.

    1. I thought the same thing, Marie! I actually have a wooden one…the center post is like a wooden closet pole rod and only about 3 feet high. Works like a charm!

  2. That is a pretty handy idea for t hose batting rolls. I would imagine that one could keep a lookout for a broken one near a dumpster or on the side of the road on trash day. Great idea. I am so glad that other people are not as slow as I am to find clever ways of improvising for their needs.

  3. Very cute quilts and what a clever way to keep a roll of quilt batting. Thanks to all who made these quilts special for a dear little one.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Neat idea on making a batting “stand”. I love the idea of making something out of nothing. Great work
    Jazz and thanks to Jo and others who make it possible .

  5. Penny Guglielmoni

    Look roadside in trash day. When the chair breaks most people pitch the whole thing so keepan eye out.

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