Community Quilts from Jazz

I have two baby quilts to share with you today.  Both of them were put together by Jazz.

She writes:

Hi, Jo. I’m really loving all the fabric and scraps you and your fans have shared with me. I dropped off a dozen baby quilts at the newborn nursery at Harris Health last week and now they’re loving all your generosity, too.

Here are two more I recently finished. The pink/maroon one is about 38” x 38”, made with flannel, Minky, and satin. It’s the richly colored yardage that inspired the front.

As much as I love…
designing, cutting, piecing, and creating from scraps, Joann in San Francisco Bay’s tops are my all-time favorites to work on. Her quilts are exquisitely professional and gorgeous. She rouses me to do better and more with my own designs. Here is an example that finished at 36” x 36”, the best size for a new baby. I batted it lightly with two layers of white flannel your reader Sarah Wolfe donated.

I used a solid yellow to bind it and backed it with my light blue flannel. (I use a lot of flannel for the new babies.)

I am holding onto a few more tops by Joann, enjoying thinking about how to finish them. You’ll see soon.

I feel like I’ve found my mission in providing baby quilts to our county hospital’s nurseries. Although they are chronically in need, they provide world-class care to all comers. I’m pleased to be able to be part of their giving and I am grateful to you and your fans who make it possible.”

WOW.  I just love seeing these.  I so appreciate all the donations that you have been sending Jazz’s way.  She does such a marvelous job with finishing these up.  I just love her enthusiasm!!

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  1. Such beautiful little quilts for the babies. Just love the care and attention to detail that Jazz puts into finishing then up. Great job to all the ladies for making it happen for all the babies in need.

  2. I too like to use flannel for newborn quilts. Jazz did a beautiful job with these; can imagine some baby being cuddled in one of her beautiful creations

  3. All beautiful! What a good place to donate the little quilts. Thank you all again for your generosity of love, time, fabric and work!! You all are the greatest!

  4. As a Pediatric ICU nurse for 40 years, please allow me to request that your generous donators also consider giving quilts to the pediatric and pediatric ICU units in their local and regional hospitals. Most people don’t realize that children from the newborn period (after being discharged at birth and can’t go back to the neonatal ICU) up to 18-21 years of age are hospitalized in these units and need comfort and support as well. Many are chronically ill and hospitalized over and over again throughout the year. A special quilt or pillow case helps them cope with all they have to go through. I donate all my quilts to my beloved PICU. Thanks for your consideration!

    1. How do we get quilts to you? My guild gives a lot of quilts away, and I know there are hospitals that might ni=ot get as many—or pillowcases…which I love to make….and kids ( of all ages) love…Thank you for posting this. Beverly

      1. Harris Health operates the two county hospitals in Houston (Harris County) Texas. Most of their patients are uninsured, but they all receive world-class care. I’m told that the baby quilts I donate go to the newborn nurseries, but I bet some end up in NICU, too.
        If you want to send your quilts to me (inquire at will be sure they get to Harris Health when I make my frequent trips to donate mine. They are always in need and always gratefully accepted.

          1. Presently Harris Health is seeking baby quilts, not pillowcases. But don’t shortchange your local crisis center! If they need pillowcases, please continue to supply them. The need is great and widespread. We all do what we can where we are.


  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Jazz, beautiful finishes to the donation of tops and materials from others. Thanks to all including Jo who gives us the final “report”. Love seeing the finishes!

  6. Just wonderful!! I’m going to box up a variety of 2 1/2″ blue strips to you, Jo, and any other fabrics I’m neglecting in my stash. I’ve been a friend and relative of you and your kids for some time now and I’m considering dropping by when I visit my home town in Nebraska one of these years! ❤

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Such love! Is so precious to read about i xo like making my children’s quilts 48 to 60 inches as babies grow so fast out of the little quilts. Missy your suggestion about the pediatric units needing quilts. Thank you from the depths of my being. I have a granddaughter that was in a pediatric unit for one day she was so upset because only one parent was allowed to be with her. So thank you again for the suggestion.

  7. Great job, Jazz! I love making community quilts, too, and yours are cheerful and bright—just the way I love them.

    1. Yes, it’s largely the friends I’ve made through Jo who send me their beginnings, scraps, and strips who make it possible for me to make so many baby quilts for charity. That, and all your loving encouragement! Thank you all.

    2. Always looking for simple great inspiration for baby quilts!! Love these and blocks are my all time favorite! I have never made this size of 36 x 36! I do like the idea of the 2 flannel inners!! Goes back to the olden days and feel it would be more flexible for baby!! Thank you I will try!!

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