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Jazz has not only been laboring on quilts but also on the computer. Patience preserved and she finally got the computer to send me the document with her quilt submissions and today I’m sharing that with you.

Hi, Jo! Thank you again for all the quilts-to-be-embroidered kits you sent me recently! And for the package of quilt kit squares and finished counted cross stitch panels you sent in March.

This child’s prayer is the first one I completed. I’d love to know the artist who stitched these, they do beautiful work! You know the rule that “the back should be as pretty as the front”? Whoever made these was a believer in that. I’ve never managed to meet that standard in any of my embroidery, but I certainly admire those who do.

I also love the colors in this. I’ve been trying to provide Ben Taub Hospital’s new babies less gender-specific quilts, and this is a perfect example of one to comfort a boy or a girl. I used donations from faithful contributors Bonnie H, and A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne for the borders and binding and a delicate yellow and grey backing from Becky M. Sarah W. gave me the batting.It finished at 34” x 36”.

The other counted cross stitch you sent was equally beautiful, and I loved finishing it with “country” prints from Linda V, Becky M, a Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne, and Missy R. The back was part of a bolt Sue R, gave me years ago. I’ve enjoyed using it in so many quilts! I used my friend, Sarah W’s batting.

So often when I finish these, I’m inclined to do fancier borders around the panel, but the hospital needs a lot of quilts, not elaborate ones, and I’m already dedicating so much time into the ones I embroider that I almost always opt for quick and simple.

You know who else does lovely handwork? Rebecca B, of Holmen, Wisconsin. She recently offered me embroidered squares to make into four quilts. I’ve often had to regretfully decline those who have wanted to send gifts (and thanks to all who ask before mailing!) for lack of space, but I knew I could whip them into quilts quickly. You’ll see them soon.

Here are a few of the completed kits you sent, Jo. The first one is of flowers and butterflies. I selected the colors to coordinate with the sashing and matching back are from Becky M. I can do that because of all the DMC you and all our friends have shared with me. You supplied the batting for it, Jo (thank you!) It’s 40” square.

DMC embroidery threads from many of you, including Jo, Diane M, Anonymous in Idaho, Karin C, Nina H, Bonny H, and Holly M. Thank you all so much!

Here’s something else I did with them, from another kit of stamped cross-stitch designs from Jo. This farm motif was fun to do. The flannel sashing and cotton binding was from A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne, and the back was more from Sue R. Batting from Jo. 45” x 60”.

In February Ann Marie D. sent me this cuddly cute kit of stamped cross-stitch baby animals, their ABCs and 1,2,3s. I used crayons to emphsize the pictures and the DMC y’all sent to embroider them. Sashing and binding is from Becky M. The back is soft purple and grey flannel

Here’s one I have had planned for a long time, a flannel yellow and grey 2 ½” squares with fabrics from Janie W (over three years ago!), A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne, Missy R, (twoyears ago) and Jo. The back is yellow and white checked flannel, and the batting came from Sarah W.This lion and giraffe quilt is 37” x 37” of cuddly love.

All these quilts are going to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, one of only two Harris County hospitals where patients are treated with skill and compassion, no questions asked. All the others demand insurance, up-front co-pays, “proof of eligibility” (citizenship) and other nosy information, but not Ben Taub. Never. They welcome everyone, they provide professional language interpreters to make them feel at home, and when it’s time, they send ‘em home with a quilt.

Friends, thank you so, so much for being part of this mission. It takes all of us, but especially you!

WOW…Jazz you are one fast stitcher. I love these all. Many thanks to those of you who are supporting Jazz’s mission to help Ben Taub Hospital in Houston. It truly is a worthy cause.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Wonderful quilts and such beautiful stitching. Thank you, Jazz, and the others who helped with making these.

  2. Dear Jaz, Hope you are in tip top shape.
    the quilts are adorable. I am so glad that you are doing such a kind thing. thanks Jazz and Jo too.

  3. Love the way you finished all the cross stitch ..I am totally jealous of all the DMC floss !! That is an amazing collection!! So glad you are using your talents and kindness too !

  4. Rebecca Burch

    What an angel you are, Jazz! The babies at Ben Taub are so lucky to be on the receiving end of all your beautiful quilts. They’re all just fantastic! Thank you for sharing g them with us & for all your wonderful work.

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