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Jazz has been busy and has quilts to share with us! I always love to see what she’s been up to.

Hello Jo and quilty friends. I have been enjoying your gifts so much! I’ve made seven more baby quilts to drop off at the Ben Taub Hospital newborn nursery since I last wrote to you.

Jo sent me this barely started quilt on December 23rd and I thought Christmas had already arrived. The name on the package was Toy Time Crib Cover, and Toy Time are the words on the clock face. I find stamped cross stitch so relaxing to do in the evening that sometimes I stay up until after midnight doing it. Good thing I’m retired, I can sleep late most mornings.

The pre-quilted and bound piece was 43” x 34” and just as cute as can be!

Jo also sent me two packages of precut pastel floral 5” squares almost a year ago that I made another baby quilt with by alternating the four-squares with a white-on-white from my stash. Sherri C. of Phoenix Arizona provided the soft pink striped flannel for the back. I had been reserving it since the end of 2022 for something like this and it all just came together like magic.  I used some of the pink flannel that Celeste P and her friend Yvonne and their church quilting group, Pieces for Peace sent to me from Maineville, Ohio in December of 2022 to bind it, and I stitched hearts in all the white spaces. Batting provided by Jo. 48” x 48”.

Here’s another four-patch, this one finished at 44” x 44”  for a boy baby, I made with donations from Missy R, Gainesville, FL; AnnDee B from Hinesville, Georgia; Jo; an Anonymous fan of Jo in West Houston (a few years ago); the same Celesta P, her friend Yvonne and their church quilting group, Pieces for Peace (12-2022); A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne (last summer); a different Anonymous; Susan V of Plainfield, Indiana (2-2021), and Janie W. (11-2021). I include the dates I received the gifts to verify that even when you don’t see immediate evidence of your generosity each piece is pinned with your name and date, and stored until the opportunity arises to use it to the best advantage; also to demonstrate to all the readers who have graciously  offered me their fabrics that I really do have bins and bins of treasured resources to keep me stitching for the foreseeable future.

Next is a quilt I made from Jo’s pattern, Stacking Bricks, and with the batting she gave me. I’ve enjoyed making the pattern several times, but this is the first time I used it for a charitable baby quilt. Mine is 44” x 44”, made with flannel from Jo, and other offerings from Dorothy S. (Martinsburg, West Virginia about two years ago; Jeanne M. of Tucson, Arizona; a Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne, Melissa R. from Gainesville, Florida (last year) and AnnDee B (Hinesville, Georgia, September 2022).

A few years ago, I received a package of two baby quilt kits, one featuring a pink ballet dancer, the one featuring a jungle theme. I hesitated at length to share photos of them because I couldn’t identify the sender. Finally, I did show them off, and I have kept the directions for both and continue to use them for other projects. This green quilt uses the pattern from the tropical forest quilt kit. It includes some left-over squares from the original, supplemented by the largesse of  Missy R; the Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Yvonne; Jo; Nancy M from Birmingham, Alabama (June 2021);  Susan M. (Alvin, Texas in December 2022);  Celesta P. and  her friend Yvonne and their church quilting group, Pieces for Peace; Kathy W. (New River, Arizona, in March of 2022); Mari D. (Little Rock, Arkansas December 2022), and Ann Marie D (Iowa City, Iowa in December 2022).

       I used the ballet dancer pattern again to make these two “Sophitcats” quilts for a baby girl. The flannels came from Jo; Anonymous; Missy R, and a Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Yvonne; ­­­­Susan V. and Jamie W. (Edmond, Oklahoma 2021).


All these are going to the nursery at Ben Taub Hospital in the world-famous Houston, Texas Medical Center. Each will wrap an infant for their trip home, and hopefully become a keepsake. That’s all for now, but next time I’ll show you the precious ABC, 123 quilt kit Ann Marie D. sent to me from from Iowa City, Iowa. I received it on the first of February and by Valentine’s Day all the squares were embroidered. Now I’m sashing, batting (thank you, Jo!) and backing it. I am without words big enough to express my profound appreciation to all of you for your donations and encouragement. I’m told that the babies and their parents love the gifts, and it relieves the hospital from having to invest in unreturned single-layer wraps. As insignificant as our gifts seem compared to the very expensive equipment, labor, disposable supplies, and patient/family education they fund, the delight and thankfulness expressed by the hospital representative every time I see her makes me feel like all of us are supporting the entire institution. Thank you all.

I just love to hear from Jazz. You can just hear the love she sews into all of the quilts she makes…and her organization skills…you sure can tell she was a nurse before she retired!! Many thanks to all who send goodies Jazz’s way!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Beautiful quilts and wonderful examples of how a little from many adds up to so much. So much sharing and caring in the quilting community.

  2. Very nice quilts. The first one (cross-stitched) is so adorable. All these quilts will be cherished when a babe is wrapped in one to travel home. Thanks to all who supplied materials and to Jazz, for putting wonderful final touches on them.

  3. Rebecca Burch

    Seeing Jazz’s adorable quilts always brings a smile to my face & this latest batch is no different! Lucky are the babies who get to be wrapped up in any of these gems!

  4. Very nice Jazz- know the receivers will be thrilled.Very nice assortment of quilts. Who or what was the fabric line that the black cats were part of? I’m wondering if it’s still in circulation. Great job and Blessings

    1. June, all the fabrics I’m the cat quilts were flannel. It was all donated. I don’t know the brand, but I know that the preponderance of what I get was purchased at Joann. I bet if you took a picture of it to the store they could tell you if it is still available.

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