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Jazz has been busy. She had hoped to finish these all before the new year but a few lingered into 2024. They didn’t linger too far though. She sent me this email back on January 8th.

Jazz writes:

Hi, Jo and Friends! Are you ready for Christmas? After I dropped off 80 quilts to Ben Taub Hospital before Thanksgiving, I realized I had overlooked these two. I’ll bring them in another month or so along with all the rest that will be finished by then, and they can save them until next year. The first one is made with the scraps of Jeanne M’s (Tucson, Arizona), A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne, and everyone who has ever sent me Christmas, or glittery, shimmery fabric. It’s bound and backed in the most beautiful sparkly gold on ivory fabric from Ila M. of Des Plaines, Illinois. Batting was a gift of Jo. It finished at about 45” x 50”.

The fabric for next one (a little bigger than 38” square) is from the same generous donors, the solid grey squares and back, and binding was made from a sheet I bought specifically for it. Batting was sent from Jo.

Several years ago I bought two colorful charm packs and never used them. Over the holidays they became this 45” cuddly square for a newborn. Jo sent me the white fabric, and Melissa R. sent the bright green flannel back and binding from Gainesville, Florida. Batting from Jo.

In December Jo sent these beautifully embroidered blocks that I just had to assemble as soon as they arrived. The yellow sashing is from A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne. This most wonderful back came from Linda L. (Racine, Wisconsin) back in November of 2022. I have admired it so often but resisted using it until the worthiest accompaniment presented itself. I took the sandwich to my quilt group to quilt it and everyone there appreciated it, too. Batting provided by Jo. Green cotton binding from Becky M of Texas and Alaska.

Jo also included a lively flimsy in her mailing. It has stars, Dora the Explorer, and many other multicolored motifs. Someone with a great sense of fun and imagination put it together. I sashed it with this rich purple from Karen V. (St. George, Utah), bound it with a yellow and pink flannel from piece, also from Jo, and backed it with this soft pink “baby” flannel from Melissa R. Batting from Jo. 36” x 40”. (Jo here…I made this quilt top. It’s one of the first crumb quilts I ever made.)

Do y’all remember the stamped cross-stitch edgings Diane M  (Euraka, California) sent me? I fretted over the tiny stitches but then surrendered to them. They each became part of the sweetest receiving blankets! I grew so fond of them that they were hard to relinquish to the newborn nursery at Ben Taub Hospital. I did, though – they certainly have more use for them than I do, even though making all these baby quilts makes me wish for a new baby of my own.

Here is the most recent one I embroidered with DMC from all of you. The doubled pink flannel is from Melissa R. It says “baby” in small, white letters. I traced the scallops with pink rick-rack from Nelle B in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She sent it to me almost two years ago. The quilt’s dimensions are 32” x 42”.

Although my wife is not a quilter, she does meticulous needlepoint and counted cross stitch. She embroidered this floral kitty for me to include in this cat quilt (45” square). The other kittens are stitched in the ditch and have hearts sewn on their tummies. The pink cotton kitty, sashing, and border fabrics were donated by Becky M, who lives part of the year in Texas and part in Alaska, and from our own quilting hero, Jo. Melissa R. provided the pink and peach flannel back, and of course, the batting was given by Jo, as well as the binding.

Every one of these quilts will wrap up a precious newborn when they go home from Ben Taub Hospital. Ben Taub is the only facility in the Texas Medical Center that welcomes all in need, no questions asked, and provides world-class care by devoted medical professionals regardless of their “legality”, ability to pay, or insurance status. Houston feels fortunate and grateful to have such a comforting resource, and I am fortunate and grateful to each of you for making it possible to support them in this way. Thank you, everyone.

I have had several people recently contact me for Jazz’s address. They have had embroidery goodies to send Jazz’s way. If you have embroidered pieces and want to send them. Here is her email address: I really try not to give out people’s mailing addresses without permission and it’s easier for me and Jazz, if you contact her directly.

I love to see all of these. It always warms my heart to read the posts Jazz writes. I can tell she really puts her heart into these projects and sends a little bit of love right along with them. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported Jazz’s work.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Beautiful work! I love how Jazz combines different donations to craft such wonderful quilts. I enjoyed reading about the hospital. I believe it is a very worthy
    cause. Providing joy and comfort to others by this labor of love is a huge blessing. Well done. Well done.


    Jazz you are such a blessing!!
    Your work is so beautiful!!
    Thank you for having such a giving heart!!

  3. Very lovely quilts. Thank you Jazz and those who contributed supplies to her. These will be loved and will definitely keep little one cozy.

  4. Oh! My! A fabulous quilt show right here on my phone tonight! These are all wonderful & I know for certain they will all be loved & appreciated by their lucky recipients! Beautiful work, Jazz et al! Thank you for showing them to us!

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