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I lost internet: This was supposed to post on Thursday morning but we lost internet and once it came back on, it didn’t automatically post. I got called into work and didn’t realize it. UGH…I couldn’t have done anything about it anyway…so it’s here for you now.

Last week I told you that Jazz has been super busy cranking out quilts. In fact, I promised you a second helping of quilty goodness from her and here she is to tell you all about it. Jazz writes:

Y’all! Look at what Diane M sent to me from Euraka, California! In October of 2023 she cut these borders from some antiqure pillow cases. When she asked me if I could incorporate them into quilts I replied confidently that I could, but when I saw in person how tiny the stamped Xs were I was uncertain. I laundered them and the faggotting separated in the wash. Not an auspicious start. But the designs were so appealing and the scallops so graceful that I invested in a very bright, magnifying spotlight, and got to work. I loved working the delicate cross stitches with the DMC threads Jo and her followers have provided to me over the years. So far I’ve made three big receiving blankets for the newborns of Ben Taub Hospital in the (Houston) Texas Medical Center.

I matched the first embroidered strip with a soft pink and yellow flannel that you sent me about a year ago, Jo. It was big enough to double, and finished at about 50” square. It’s so soft and inviting, it just calls out for a sweet infant to wrap up.

The second one is fronted with a pink striped flannel from Missy R (Gainesville, Florida) about a year and a half ago, and it’s backed with a soft solid pink flannel from Mari D of Little Rock, Arkansas in December 2022. I had enough flannel to make it 44” x 42”.

The third one was made with a delicate mint green flannel, doubled, also from Missy R last summer. I love that each one of these has a different design; this one is edged with a length of dainty lace donated last March by A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne. It finished at 50” x 50”.

Thank you, Diane, Missy, Jo, Mari, A Nurse from Nebraska, and her friend Suzanne, as well as all the contributors of DMC embroidery thread. These quilts were a great source of entertainment and relaxation for me and inspired a new faith in my eyesight. Now they will be a comfort and delight to three new parents as they take their new babies home in them.

Based on the success of these I made another receiving blanket from this cute Sophisticats flannel, solid green and pink-and-white striped borders from Missy R. 40” x 44”. Meow!

I copied this last quilt from a picture I saw in a magazine. There was no pattern but it was not difficult to collect the aquas, orange, and blues Bonnie H (Onawa, Iowa), Becky M (Texas and Alaska), and Jeanne M (glittery blue!) of Tucson, Arizona sent me over about two years, and batting from Jo. Normally this is a quilt I would machine-finish, but the most perfect back, also from Bonnie H was not large enough for me to be comfortable doing that, so I tied it with a pearly white DMC cord from Nelle B in Stillwater, Oklahoma almost two years ago. If I was a better photographer you would marvel at the beautiful way the front and back complement each other. Completed, this quilt is about 42”x 50” of pure joy.

Each of these quilts is my favorite. I loved creating them all and I am so grateful to all of you for the fabrics and supplies that made them possible. They are already at Ben Taub Hospital, ready to accompany a sweet new baby home. Thank you so much!

Wow…what another great parade of quilts. I loved them all and was so impressed with Jazz’s idea of putting the embroidery along the edge of the quilt. SO CREATIVE!! Thanks to everyone who sent goodies Jazz’s way. You rock!! Great work Jazz. I’m so impressed!!

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  1. Beautiful work, Jazz. And what a great idea to attach the pieces to the baby quilts. Someone will be delighted to wrap their little one in such a beautiful quilt.

  2. Your embroidery is beautiful. I would never have thought to use them as you did, making each quilt a one of a kind!

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