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Jazz had been very busy quilting. In fact, I have two post from her that I plan to share today and the following Thursday. I just love Jazz’s happy attitude towards volunteering. Jazz writes:

Hi, Jo and friends. As everyone is busy working on their New Year’s resolutions, I’m here to share a New Year’s revelation: what I love most about this quilting site (next to all the news and quilts) is all the dear friends I have made as a result of stitching. Sarah W was one of the first people to let Jo know that she lives in Houston and had some fabric to donate. She was given my contact information and we met up for the transfer. Many wonderful lunches, bee meetings, and get-togethers later she invited me to an open workday sponsored by her guild where I met many other lovely friends. One guild member brought fabric to donate, and she gave me three gorgeous fish and bird print border prints. The first one is shown below.

I love fish! I have been fishing in the Gulf of Mexico twice. The first time my hook didn’t even tempt any curiosity. On the second trip I caught a red snapper, but it was too small to keep so I released it. But I’m still crazy about fish. And fishing. But knowing that a game fish quilt was unlikely to be given to a newborn and remembering that adult (especially men) patients of Ben Taub Hospital in Houston are in need of lap and wheelchair quilts, I had a lot of fun with this one. See the googly eye? I also beaded the spots on the body and outline-stitched the grass on top, the details of the fish itself, the fins, and the rocks. Then I sprayed light blue fabric glitter on the water. The inner borders and batting came from Jo, and the outer borders and back came from Becky M, of Alaska who gave them to me when she was in Texas. It finished at about 50” square.

Nina H (St. Louis, Missouri) must be telepathic to know how much I enjoy fish. In May she sent me two quilt embroidery kits, one of boys fishing and their catches, and one of Sunbonnet Sue, which I also enjoy. (She knows I love to embroider.)

With lobster (not crabs! I love sea animals even when I get ‘em mixed up) borders from my quilting pen pal and fellow fan of Jo, Jeanne M (Tucson, Arizona), DMC from all of you, red crochet thread from Pamela Z, of Omaha, Nebraska, and batting from Jo I stitched and tied this one, and bound it with solid red from Linda L from Racine, Wisconsin, I backed it with this cute nautical print Bonnie H, who lives in the city that produced the Eskimo Pie. Surely, you’re familiar with it – Onawa, Iowa. The quilt is about 40” x 46” which is just a little smaller than Bonnie’s hometown.

These Sunbonnet Sue quilt squares were stitched with DMC specifically Florida quilt finisher Karin C; Jo; Holly M (Brazil, Indiana); the same Bonnie H, and Diane M. Batting came from Jo. Sashing and back were contributed by Sue R a few years ago, who lives in Pearland, a suburb of Houston, and I tied the squares with yellow crochet thread from Carlena D, El Cajon, California. It finished about the same size as the Fisher Boys.

The purple and blue pansies in the next quilt also came from Sue R. The electric blue squares were from Texan/Alaskan Becky M. Batting from Jo. The yellow back and binding were mine. This was such a quick and fun one that I’ve replicated it in other quilts that you’ll see in another post soon. Its dimensions are about 40” x 50”.

Jo sent me a variety of four squares to embroider quite a while ago. I used DMC from her, Karin C; Holly M, Bonnie H, and Diane M to complete them. The beautiful teal back and sashing came from Jeanne M. Jo provided the batting. It finished at 45” square.

All these and many more were delivered to Ben Taub Hospital in November. I brought so many quilts that the gifts coordinator emailed me to say that thanks to all of you, hospital volunteers were making gift bags with them for every baby who stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit between then and the end of the year, and were handing out the rest to well infants as they discharged post-partum. Just as I am, she was so grateful to you! She urged me to express her genuine gratitude to each of you on behalf of Ben Taub Hospital, all the babies, and their parents. So, thank you all. And happy new year.

Thank you so much for all the donations that came Jazz’s way. I am so glad that Jazz has been meeting up with more like-minded people who have some of the same goals. I think comradery is one of the true beauties of finding friends with the same interests. Of course, thanks to Jazz. She has the biggest heart from which generosity flows. One of the many blessings that I’ve had with working on charity quilts, is Jazz. I’m so thankful for her work.

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  1. Wow that’s a lot of quilts and work! So many people joining together to give comfort to the patients. Jazz does such great work.

  2. Such very nice quilts. The embroidery is such a nice touch and done so perfectly. Thanks Jazz, and all the others who made these quilts happen for a sweet little recipient.

  3. What a happy, uplifting post! AND a bunch of fabulous quilts to boot! I always enjoy seeing what Jazz is working on & these are so nice! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I loved this post of the wonderful work Jazz is doing in Houston,Texas my birth place. Ben Taub is a great place to contribute to!!! Soooo is there anything that Jazz is in Need of???? Please let us know!! Blessings to Jazz for all her work to such a great cause!!!!

  5. The quilts are all beautiful, so much work in them and beautifully done. One question though… how do the embroidered ones handle being washed? Can they be machine washed or is hand washing required?

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