Community Quilts from Jazz

Jazz is making some wonderful quilts yet again. Here’s her latest installment.

Jazz writes:

Friends, do you know Clifford the Big Red Dog? One of my quilting bee friends gave me some yardage about a year ago that I fussy-cut to make this 36” x 38” quilt for a new baby at the Ben Taub Hospital (Houston, Texas) nursery. I used red cotton from Anonymous in Idaho, yellow and black puppy paw prints from Jo, ric-racs and trims from Nelle B, of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Most of the rest of the fabrics were gifts of Becky M (Texas and Alaska), and red flannel backing was donated by Missy R from Gainesville, Florida. Batting is from Jo.

For years after the first bits and pieces sent to me by some of you, I have collected scraps of Texas wildflower fabrics.  I would buy a fat quarter, a sample, and trade snippets with friends to add to my little assortment without an idea of a project. When I realized how much I had accumulated it was necessary to act; I don’t have the space to store remainders and they were too pretty to keep in a box. I cut them all into 2 ½” squares and started laying them out. I cut up a white sheet for the strips and started stitching. The bottom strip was from a bandana. It finished at 36” x 38” and might be used by the hospital as a lap/wheelchair quilt.

The bright yellow flannel came from a generous Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne, and the deluxe pink flannel back was a contribution of Jo. The pink flannel was so thick and sumptuous that I didn’t need to bat the quilt at all.

Long ago Jo sent me a couple of stamped cross stitch squares that I embroidered and finished into baby-sized quilts. It was marked in straight lines to quilt – so easy! This is the final one of that series. I used donated fabric and batting, all from Jo. Final size is 40” square.     

A Nurse in Nebraska and her friend Suzanne sent me an assortment of vintage quilt squares recently (where are you getting these beautiful pieces?) along with some batting. Some of the fabric was too fragile to reuse, but I salvaged what I could, backed each one with white lining fabric, machine-stitched over the squares to fortify them, and sashed and bound it with this cheerful purple, compliments of Missy R, Gainesville, Florida. In keeping with the antique vibe, I tied at the corners with crochet thread from Nelle Briggs (Stillwater, Oklahoma). Coordinating back from Becky M (Texas and Alaska).

In the same package the same Nurse from Nebraska and her Friend Suzanne included another set of squares that went together quickly for a second tied quilt. Again, Becky M (Texas/Alaska) had just the perfect 1960-ish yardage to accompany the groovy, paisley, mod, gingham pieces.

I have much more in progress, but I am extending my deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all my friends who supply me with inspiration and supplies to support Ben Taub Hospital, one of the biggest teaching and Level One trauma centers in the Texas Medical Center, and the only one who welcomes all patients whether they are insured or not, with no inquiry made regarding citizenship status or permanent address. Everyone at Ben Taub is treated and healed respectfully as fellow human beings by pure-bred hero professional caregivers who provide them the same first-class care as the more affluent ones who go to the neighboring hospitals featuring marble floors and grand pianos under crystal chandeliers in their opulent foyers.  I’m proud that through your generosity we are all part of their healing effort.

Jazz did such a super job on all of these. I can just see a special little one playing with the tempting ties and enjoying the bright colors. Great job Jazz. Many thanks to all the people who have donated goodies to Jazz and thanks to the people who have bought auction items that allowed me to buy batting for Jazz. I love that we can all work together to do good things.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Beautiful work and for such a great cause. Thanks for all you do to make these ready for a recipient. Thanks also to all those who donated towards these.

  2. Wow, great effort Jazz! Not sure how you keep all those names straight! Ben Taub sounds like a truly wonderful place, filled with deeply caring individuals.what an honor for Jazz to work alongside them all.

  3. very gifted member of the Jo quilt club. !!!!! thank you for using your talent in such a benefit to others. (and they are so joyful in appearance )

  4. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    those will certainly be well loved. I don’t personally know anyone who has gone to Ben Taub but I know that if you have had severe trauma of any kind, that is the best place to be for sure.

  5. Jazz, I was just thinking that you hadn’t written so a while and there you were in my inbox! Love the variety in the quilts you showed us today. I can imagine a mom receiving one of these to wrap her child in.

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