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Jazz is busy-busy making baby quilts for the local hospital. I just love seeing all the good things she makes.
Jazz writes:

Jo, do you know what I just LOVE? I love it when your readers send me partially constructed quilts that I only need to zip up a few seams to feel efficient and accomplished. Here is an example: Missy R (Gainesville, Florida) included three pieced flannel squares in a package she sent previously.  I made another square and finished this quilt with lace from A Nurse From Nebraska and her Friend Suzanne, the butterfly flannel sashing from you, Jo, and other flannel from Ann D, of Iowa City, Iowa, and, Mari D from Little Rock. I bound and backed it with the same bright pink flannel in the border from Jo, and batted it with her batting to make it finish at exactly 38” x 38”.

Sometimes the way the fabrics are packed makes the resulting quilt obvious, as in this deluxe flannel center panel flanked by pink flannel butterflies, dragonflies, and smiling larvae. I stitched each line in the center and then practiced the quilt-as-you-go method to finish the assembly.

And just look at the most perfect froggie-flannel back! Everything, even the batting, was a gift from A Nurse from Nebraska and her Friend Suzanne, except for the flannel binding, which came from the faithful and generous Missy R from Gainesville, Florida. This cutie measures 34” x 44”.

This next cuddly project is made from flannel bars and squares from Nancy M, of Birmingham, Alabama; Susan M from Alvin, Texas; Celesta P and Yvonne and their church group, Pieces for Peace, in Maineville, Ohio, and Anonymous in Idaho. Back and batting donated by Jo.  Binding from Mari D, Little Rock, Arkansas last year. I tied the squares with lavender crochet thread from Pamela Z (Omaha, Nebraska) to finish 44” square of soft love.

I really enjoyed making this 9-patch with assorted scraps from all of you and white dotted sashing from my stash. Jo provided the batting, and Linda L sent the most wonderful green gingham back and binding from Racine, Wisconsin. (I love all of y’all – and your scraps!)

Some quilts take a little longer to finish than others. Quite a while ago Jo sent me these race car quilt squares to embroider. I sashed them up with checkerboard print from A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne. The flannel back, courtesy of Jo is very similar to a piece of cotton sent by Jan R (Atascadero, CA) in December that I’m saving for another project. The DMC came from many of you, and the red binding was donated by Anonymous in Idaho. Batting from Jo. Finished at 56” square. (When I took this picture a few weeks ago you can see that I was still trying to keep some of my plants alive. Since then, everything has died, even previously sturdy and years-old roses, azaleas, gardenias, the entirety. And not only mine, but everyone’s are also suffering. We’re used to hot summers in Houston, but not temperatures over 106 degrees for days and days! There are now water and electricity restrictions in effect to try to conserve and share as much as possible.)

back and binding of race car quilt

Jo also sent me this embroidery square and DMC. It was started in maroon, so I built on that with flannel scraps from all of you. I machine-stitched the printed design (love those!) around the center and finished with the wolf flannel back and binding from Mari D, Little Rock, Arkansas in December. It will be a “manly” wrap for a newborn boy at Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. Batting from Jo. 36” x 36”.

I’m ending this quilt parade with a quickie I made from four 4-patch blue/brown prints. I connected them with red striped sashing given by Melissa R (Gainesville, Florida). The red center came from Anonymous in Idaho, and the gold outer sashing and stripe on the back and the gold print border from Anonymous in March. The very soft khaki-colored back is also from A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend, Suzanne. I tied it with gold crochet thread from Nelle Briggs of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Every quilt I drop off at Ben Taub Hospital is laundered first, so it did not appear so “hairy” at delivery; the thread always softens and shrinks in the wash and looks pretty. This one made a 42” square.

Friends, I remain inexpressibly grateful to each one of you for all your generosity and for your understanding when I must decline further offers. I live in a townhouse and my sewing room/office is the smallest space in a relatively small home. Sometimes I am able to accept your bounty, but when I demur it’s because of the lack of space to store it. Still, I love hearing from everyone. I cherish and collect your notes and appreciate everything everyone has done for me. Making quilts for the biggest and busiest (and only tax-supported) hospital in the Texas Medical Center is my greatest joy and none of it would be possible without your benevolence.

Thanks so much for sharing these Jazz. They all look so good. I just know they will be loved by these special babies that pass through the hospital.

13 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Beautiful work from Jazz and so many donations from wonderful people. These quilts will be so appreciated from families.
    Love and prayers

    1. I received a damaged sewing machine from Nebraska Quilt Company. I understand they are in communication with the anonymous donor. In the meantime another friend gave me a basic Janome which is exactly what I needed. Many thanks to all for your kind generosity.

  2. I’m sure you’re aware, but some of your posts are garbled. It always seems to happen with your health updates but now it’s other posts too. Have you found a reason behind it yet.

  3. What lovely quilts!! Thanks to so making helping hands, some sweet little soul will have warmth and comfort wrapped in one of these.

  4. what you are reading is the one that is garbled this time.
    FYI. i am not sure if knowing which ones are messed up gives you and Kayla a clue about what is happening.

  5. These quilts are so bright and any young child will love looking at all the activity going on on the front of their quilt. The one I truly loved was the one with the race cars. Did you complete the blocks Jazz?

    1. Thanks, Ann Marie. Jo sent me the stamped cross-stitched squares and I did the embroidery with donated DMC. I sashed them with the checkerboard print from A Nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne. The flannel back classic car prints and batting all came from Jo. Red binding was donated by Anonymous. I am very grateful to everyone who sent me the materials to make all these quilts. I know the newborns and their caregivers are as well.

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