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This has been a crazy back-and-forth blog post. Jazz thought she sent it to me. I couldn’t find it. UGH. She sent it again. Once I saw it in my inbox, I immediately wrote it up for fear that we might have another miscommunication with it.

Jazz writes…
Meow! Over a year ago Melissa R sent me a sizable collection of dog and cat prints like this from Gainesville, Florida. I was so joyful that I immediately cut up some to make a baby quilt from the dogs … and then someone else sent me another package, and after that, I was distracted by another project … so when I was able to be redirected I cut all the fabric up, including sashings, backs, and binding, and made up kits and stored each one in a big baggie. Friends, I had six baggies ready to make quilts this size (40” x 40”) and one smaller!

I just love how quick and easy they are to process – here are four already finished —  and how cute they are.

This one is bound in a scrap of bright blue donated by a nurse in Nebraska and her friend Suzanne. The sashing came from Jo, the batting from Melissa R, and the back is plain black. I tied this one with black crochet thread from a tremendous supply from Carlena D, of El Cajon, California in February 2021. Purrfect!

The next cat quilt is also sashed with paw prints from Jo, bordered with my blue cotton, tied with yellow crochet thread sent by Pamela Z, from Omaha Nebraska, about a year and a half ago. (I always machine stitch the perimeters of these for stability.)

The back is a cuddly flannel of kitties donated by Anonymous. (Anonymous, thank you! It was exactly the right size and motif for this quilt!)

Here come the pups! All these pets were also part of the package from Melissa R, the sashing on this one was given by Becky M when she was in Houston almost two years ago. The back was a sheet from Jo, the batting came from Melissa R, and the tying threads were from Nelle B, of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Here’s another doggie one, sashed in solid orange, bordered in yellow paw prints (Jo), orange print back (Becky M, tied with orange thread from Carlena D of El Cajon, California. Woof!

Recently Louise G. had a big package delivered to me from Ridgeway, South Carolina. It included a started embroidery Christmas tablecloth and matching napkins which she said was for me! This was very exciting since I am so happily busy stitching for charity that I never make anything for my own home, and the set is gorgeous. Merry Christmas, Louise!

She also included three baby quilt kits (this is one) and a tremendous bag of DMC threads. I used some of them to make this frogs and snails quilt that finished at 42” x 62” with binding of yellow flannel from Melissa R.

It was backed with flannel pieces from Missy R and Jo.

Thank you to everyone who helps with contributing fabric and supplies as well as encouragement and well wishes. It’s all for the new babies born at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston. In the middle of the world-famous Texas Medical Center, Ben Taub is a taxpayer-funded 402-bed acute care facility providing all the distinguished and innovative care all the other institutions offer, but without chandeliers in the lobby and without regard to patient’s ability to pay or citizenship status. It’s the pride of Texas!

I think Jazz is so humble. Seriously, she is a pride of Texas. Texas wouldn’t be the great state it is without loving and caring people like her who generously give of their time and talent to change the lives of others. I am so thankful to have you as part of charity quilt program…I’m so thankful to have all of you who donate and support. I love that truly, many hands are working together to make good things happen!!

16 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. I always look forward to seeing the quilts from Jazz, they’re so different from the usual quilts. The Ben Taub facility sounds like a fantastic cause to support.
    Btw, I also can’t find your new job post :(

  2. These baby quilts by Jazz are so bright and cheerful. My youngest son was a blanket-carrying kid (think Linus) and these blankets are perfect to be loved beyond the baby stage!

  3. Jazz, what a perfect name for you! So exuberant in your descriptions. Theses quilts are precious! Everyone involved kudos to you and your generosity!

  4. It’s so amazing that you keep all the names straight with who has contibuted what and from where. And Ben Taub is a wonderful hospital for quilts to be donated to. You are doing a tremendous job! Congrats!

  5. Jazz,
    So thrilled the thread was just what you needed. Jo thank you for all that you write and connecting everyone together ❤.

  6. Jo this is for you. I have a Singer sewing machine that needs your home. I will send pictures of it through your email. But wanted to post a note here so you would look for it.

  7. Such very cute quilts. I really like the animal prints. Thank you Jazz for taking the time to make this beautiful quilts for some little boy or girl. He or she will certainly be wrapped in love.

  8. Can you rerun the article on your new job? The page comes up without any words. I’m curious about your new job.

  9. Wow! Once again, Jazz dazzles is with her fabulous baby quilts. I love them all! Thanks for all your hard work, Jazz!

  10. Rose Mary Schmidt

    What happened to the post “changes for Jo”? It was there on 8/2, title was there on 8/3 and everything is gone on 8/4!

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