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I have quilts from Jazz to share with you today. I always love seeing what she’s come up with!!

Jazz writes:
Hey there, Jo and friends. I hope this finds everyone well and busy. I had COVID about a month ago and although I’m long past the acute pain and weakness that characterize that disease, the muddled brain and mental obliviousness continue. Or maybe I just need a new system of cataloging my quilts and donors.

Bonnie H. of Onawa, Iowa sent me a length of cuddly teddy bear fabric in January. I crafted this quilt with scraps from her and others and backed it with this just-perfect red and white gingham from Linda L. (Racine, Wisconsin). I tied it with threads from Nelle B, of Stillwater, Oklahoma, and gave it to the nursery of Ben Taub Hospital here in Houston without showing it to you! (See what I mean?) Too generous for her own good Jo provided the batting.

The same Bonnie H. also sent me this precious baby (42” x 62”) prayer quilt kit that I embroidered with DMC from Karin C, quilt finisher from Hernando, Florida; Jo, and Nina H, from St. Louis, Missourri. Jeanne M from Tucson, Arizona provided the pink binding, and the sweet floral flannel back (see corner of detail) and batting were gifts of Jo. I just know a new baby will enjoy this one.

Here’s another sweet little quilt. It came as a kit from … Anonymous, but I didn’t figure that out until I sent pictures of it to your followers who had sent me kits previously. As each denied bequeathing it to me I was desperately searching my sewing room, notes, under the bed, and in my car seeking clues of its provenance.  Finally, I found an image of it on my phone tagged with the provider’s name (“anonymous”). It was not dated, but it was so far back in my pictures that it must’ve been many months or close to a year ago.  It’s a cotton ballerina print, bordered by pink satin, light purple cotton, then lush, pink minky. The flannel back provided is pink with tiny yellow and blue dots. At 28” x 30” it’ll wrap up a tiny dancer comfortably. Cute, cute, cute!

Remember the nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne who sent me six boxes of deliciously beautiful fabric and supplies in March? I included some of the meticulously stitched squares I made into a quilt in my last compilation.

Well! There was more; look at the gorgeous squares that found their way into a 40” x 60” wrap. The colors in it are glowing and the embroidery is impeccable. This was a hard one to part with, but I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate and admire the design and workmanship of the artists. I sashed and bound it all with this striped cotton that Nancy M, of Birmingham, Alabama sent to me about two years ago. It’s been a favorite and I hated using it all up (the strips shown are all I have left now) but I think it complemented the embroidery perfectly. I backed it with a cheerful yellow and blue print from Sue R, who lives in Pearland, a suburb of Houston.

 I wish you could see these squares in person!      All out of these favorite stripes! : (     

This is what I used to back the embroidered quilt square quilt with.

I can definitely report that it was Melissa R who sent me the fusible batting from Gainesville, Florida. She said she tried adhesive batting, didn’t like it, and passed it on. I love it! I’m trying not to, though, because I’m sure it’s more costly than “regular”. However, under the circumstances, I’ll likely forget how enjoyable it is to work with anyway. I can only hope I don’t forget about batting entirely! One of you must remind me.                     

The same nurse from Nebraska and her friend Suzanne also sent the squares I used to make this 40” x 40” four-patch gem. I’m just in awe of their imagination and skill. Jeanne M of Tucson, Arizona sent the glittery turquoise sashing. (I’m crazy-nuts for anything frosted/glitter/sparkly, especially fabric. When I get any I tend to “save” it, but it harmonized so dramatically with the vibrant threads of this work that I felt compelled to include it. Thanks, Jeanne!) The thin yellow between the glisten was from my stash. The peacock sashing came from Becky M. of Texas and Alaska, the light green was sent from Des Plaines, Illinois by Ila M. about two years ago, and the purple and orange sashing was mine. Batting and flannel butterly back was a gift of Jo. This one finished at 40” x 40”.

Here’s another one I made from squares sent by the Nebraskan nurse and Suzanne. (I just can’t quit! I love them all so much!) The colors in it suggested autumn, and they thoughtfully included the orange center and the darker, thinner floral sashing, as well as both of the yellow flannel sashings, which are all so attractive. You’ve seen this rich brown plaid back before; Becky M (the one who spends time in Whitney, Texas, and Soldotna, Alaska) gave me about a bolt when she was in Houston almost two years ago.

Every one of these quilts are at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, where the deserving but uninsured and otherwise underserved residents of Harris County, Texas receive first-rate care from top-notch doctors and nurses who love them and love their jobs. You’ve often read of my deep respect for the institution. Now you can read more about it in a new book, The People’s Hospital, (March, 2023, Simon and Schuster), by Ricardo Nuila, M.D. He’s an attending who practiced there as a student and has subsequently made it his career home. You can read the Kirkus review it here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the contributors to all the quilts I’m able to make and give to The People’s Hospital. I appreciate it enormously and so do the babies, their parents, and all the good folks of Ben Taub Hospital, the preeminent safety net hospital of the Texas Medical Center.

Stay well, friends.

I always love seeing Jazz’s updates. She puts her heart into her work and it shows!! The hospital is so lucky to have Jazz as a great support. Please know that many of the items I send to Jazz came from many of you. The batting that is provided is also paid for by all of you who sent money to support the community quilt project or who have bought items from the postage auction. Jazz and I, along with other quilt finishers appreciate all the generosity that comes our way through the community quilt program. MANY THANKS!!

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  1. Karin Callander

    Wow, those embroideries are amazing! And those stripes couldn’t be more perfect accompaniment! Nice job putting it all together Jazz. I’m amazed you can keep it all straight!!

  2. Thank you Jaz for doing such a great job with the “scraps” that are sent your way. Glad to hear you are feeling better and on the recovery road!

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