Community Quilts from Jazz

I have quilts from Jazz to share with you today. She has some fun news to share and quilts!!

Jazz writes:

Jo! You’re not going to believe this (I couldn’t believe it!), but a couple of your readers, a nurse from Nebraska, and her friend Suzanne sent me six (six!) big moving-size boxes of flannels, cotton, fleece, lace, quilt tops, and laces to make quilts for Ben Taub Hospital with! Not only that, but they also sent the most striking, hand-embroidered squares! The squares are all masterpieces of color and skill. Check this out!

Even before I had labeled and stored all the bounty I had to incorporate an example of their handiwork into this lap quilt to show you. The stitches are impeccable, the artistry is magnificent. And the quilt almost made itself with…

the intensely colored flannel that I used for the sashing and binding. The surrounding white flannel was from Susan V of Plainfield, Illinois, almost two years ago and Dorothy S. of Martinsburg, West Virginia over a year ago. Suzanne and the nurse (she only wants to be referred to by her profession) also included batting scraps that I pieced for this.

It finished at about 42” x 42” and is backed with an equally vibrant flannel back from you, Jo. This is one of my favorite projects, but these generous ladies sent so much more. You’ll be seeing a parade of embroidered squares made into quilts soon.

The same Nebraska friends included this pieced, flannel quilt top, which I stitched in the ditch, and backed and bound with matching lilac flannel you gave me, Jo. It’s not batted since it was so big and warm already. It made a lively contribution to the hospital.

Melissa R. is a name you see frequently in my submissions. She’s from Gainesville, Florida and she’s taken up machine embroidery. Last month she sent a gift of these (and other) adorable birdcage squares. She also included the perfect fabrics to make baby quilts. I very carefully sewed over the outlined squares in matching brown thread to attach the pieces through the batting (donated by you, Jo) and flannel back.

This is how I incorporated some of her blocks to make a 38” square new baby quilt. Most of the quilts I make go to the newborn nursery at Ben Taub Hospital, where our uninsured citizens get superior care whether they can pay for it or not. And the new infants get to go home in their own keepsake quilts. I’m sure these are cherished mementos for the proud parents.

The soft, light blue flannel binding and back came from Anonymous.

I guess I’ve cultivated a reputation for loving cross-stitch collections. Last December Susan M. sent me a box of flannels and the kit I made this cute quilt from. Each square was 9” x 9” and the project finished at 30” x 40”. I was grateful to distract myself by embroidering it in the family waiting room while a family member was in surgery recently. Later I followed the stamped quilting lines on each square and then stitched in the ditch between the plaid sashing and bound it with a bright (more colorful than photographed) dotted edge from Jo. The necessary assortment of DMC threads were provided by Jo; Nina H. (St. Louis, Missouri); Bonnie H, from Omawa, Iowa, and  Karin C, the quilt finisher from Hernando, Florida. Karin also sent Jo a darling Sunbonnet Sue embroidery quilt kit to forward to me. It’s almost done. You’ll see it in my next collection.

I backed this one in a soft purple flannel sent by another Anonymous last October. (Some patrons ask to be called Anonymous. Some allow me to mention the date of their gift, some their city, but no other identification. Some prefer not to be mentioned at all.)

This last one is a creation I made up around a tiny embroidery that I traced from a picture years ago. It says, “A house isn’t a home without a cat.” I incorporated assorted kitty prints from many of you. The light striped sashing is from AnnDee B of Hinesville, Georgia; Jo, you will recognize the pale pink posies on white binding, and I used scraps cut into 2 ½” squares from others. It’s backed with the most purr-fect “Meow” flannel! It is about 38” x 38” which is just the right size for a newborn, according to the in-kind donations coordinator at the hospital.

This one and the previous two were batted with a gift from Jo. They are all truly “community quilts” made with love and bequests from my beloved community. I am gratified to be friends with all of you and very thankful to you all.

That was a real treat. Embroidery lovers and quilters alike can all appreciate the hard work Jazz put in to make all of these quilts!! I so appreciate all of the support you all send Jazz’s way. She, and the community quilt project, have all been so blessed with wonderful donations. Thanks so much!!

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    You do such beautiful work with the gifts sent your way. I always love to see the creations you share. And the love that wraps those precious babies! You are a blessing. As are those who have contributed supplies. Well done ladies!

  2. Rebecca Burch

    All of those are fabulous! I’m sure everyone – staff & patients alike – at Ben Taun hospital will be both amazed & grateful at such beautiful work & generosity of spirit. Thank you for sharing these!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Jazz, when someone doesn’t want to have their name mentioned. Take anonymous and turn into A. Nonny Mouse. I believe a little fun is acceptable in reports. The quilts were a fight to see.

  4. I always look forward to seeing embroidery in the quilts. The work done in the first quilt is beautiful. I particularly like the cross stitch pieces too.

  5. Ann Marie Drop

    Love seeing these quilts and thinking of the little ones who will wrapped up in the love of quilters.

  6. Jazz’s work inspires me to finish redwork pieces I started many years ago. This is the year to finish that UFO!

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