Community Quilts from Jazz

Jazz has been a busy gal sewing and finishing up a storm!!

Jazz writes:
Hello, lovelies. Remember this sweet Little Bear quilt I made from the kit sent to me by Celesta P, her friend Yvonne, and their church quilting group?

It made up so effortlessly that I used it as inspiration for several more quilts. I used the scraps from it to make this little quilt (33” x 33”).


Other flannel pieces came from… Janie W. of Edmond, Oklahoma, Anonymous. And my stash. Binding and back from Becky M. of Alaska and Texas. I love this rich, brown flannel plaid! I’ve used it in many quilts.


Check out this spaceman quilt! It was created with flannels from Janie W. of Edmond, Oklahoma, Missy R. from Gainesville, Florida, Anonymous in Idaho; Minky from Andee B. of Hinesville, Georgia; light green binding back from Jo. Bright green flannel back from Mari D. from Little Rock, Arkansas. It also finished at 33” x 33”.


Being one myself, I am quite taken with this “I (love) Abuela” flannel that came from Anonymous in a big box of flannels quite a while ago. The surrounding flannels were gifts of several donors including Missy R, Janie W, and Anonymous in Idaho. The back decorated with crowns was from Jo, and I thought it most appropriate since I know from personal experience how abuelas (grammas) and babies consider each other to be pure royalty. This one is 44” x 40”.

Here’s another, similar but smaller (30” square) Abuela quilt with red and blue Minky (from an extravagantly generous giver from West Houston who admires Jo), yellow flannel, and red Minky from my stash on the back. 30 x 30”. Batting for all the above quilts was supplied by Jo.


Bonnie H. and the original Eskimo Pies are both from Onawa, Iowa, and she has been a generous donor. She recently sent me a box of beautiful yardage, a panel, a My Little Pony quilt top, and these squares. First thing, I stitched the squares into a baby quilt (32” x 32”). Sashing and binding mine; back is a thick, soft flannel, a light pink and purple wash from Dorothy S, Martinsburg, West Virginia. She sent it about a year ago. The flannel is so sumptuous that I didn’t even need to bat it.


Here is the My Little Pony quilt Bonnie sent, also backed with Dorothy’s lush flannel. Tied with rose DMC donated by Nelle B, from Stillwater, Oklahoma about a year ago, and bound with pink flannel from Missy R. It’s 34” x 38”, perfect for a new baby girl.


I’m still working on the embroidery panels you sent, Jo, and kits from Holly M. of Brazil, Indiana, and Bonnie H. I still have kits from the Cresco ladies, Susan M. from Alvin (a Houston suburb) Texas, and Nina H. from St. Louis, Missouri to do. If you don’t see the evidence of my gratitude it’s because it’s still in progress. But my appreciativeness is ongoing. All these quilts are given to the newborn nursery at Ben Taub Hospital in the Houston, Texas Medical Center.”

That’s what I have from Jazz for you today.  Doesn’t she do an amazing job of keeping track of it all AND finishing quilts?  I love that Jazz is part of the team of quilt finishers.  Great job Jazz!!  Many thanks to those who donated!!
























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