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Jazz sent me and email yesterday with Fall/Thanksgiving-themed quilts.  I decided I would squeeze this post in today before Thanksgiving.

Jazz writes:

Happy fall, y’all! It’s been a pleasant season here in Houston where we’re used to the bright and oppressively sultry sun for most of the year. These luminous days, as tentative as a daydream, with the temperatures in the low 70s get us all kind of frisky anticipating the changing leaves and golden hues that we luxuriate in, laid out before us like the tail spread of a peacock. Then it gets cold and we’re all wishing for what we’re familiar with, sticky heat with humidity that makes you feel your lungs flap in your chest like a pair of wet gloves. 

Yes, autumn is cause for celebration, and to observe it properly I have some finished some seasonal quilts for the new arrivals at the newborn nursery at Ben Taub Hospital. This one was from a quilt kit sent to me from Jeanne M, from Arizona. The set was sufficient to create two generous baby-size throws (44” x 44”).

I backed it with a Civil War reproduction print you gave me, Jo, and batted it with the batting you provided.  I think it’s just charming to wrap a precious infant in for a ride home from the hospital.

The next one is my favorite style… a scrappy made up from remnants of fabrics donated by many Country Junction friends. There are representatives of Karen V, and Holly M, both of Indiana, Sarah W from Houston, Becky M (Texas and Alaska), Anonymous I and Anonymous II, Ila M of Illinois, and Karen V. Some of these have been living in my bits-and-pieces bin for a long time, just waiting for the opportunity to star in an Indian summer sparkler.

I used a creamy off-white to show off the straight-line stitching, and bound and backed it with a yellow-gold swirly print from Becky M. It’s 40” x 40” of soft cuddly-ness. I hope it will please the parents of a new heir.

The following was a quilt born of an overwhelming list of pressing obligations that I abandoned in favor of sewing. Sometimes my chores are more bearable after I have rewarded myself with a diversion first. Instead of running errands, walking my dog, or washing dishes I took a break to collect a few pieces from Becky M, Jeanne M, Karen V, Marci V from Indiana, and Anonymous. The brown plaid flannel back was from the same Becky M. who gave me so much last autumn.

All the battings for these quilts were from you, Jo. All the inspiration came from everyone who has so charitably sent me fabric, threads, supplies, and good wishes. I am thankful to you all.”

Great quilts!!  I’m so glad that all that time ago Jazz contacted me and started working with our group on finishing quilts.  She does such an amazing job and works so hard to get tops finished and donated to Ben Taub Hospital.  What a worthy cause!!  Many thanks, Jazz…and many more thanks to the people who have supported Jazz along the way.

Jazz has let me know that she is in need of fabric for quilt backing.  Most of her quilts are 45″ x 45″ or smaller so 1 1/2 to 2-yard pieces would work.  Does anyone have some they are willing to part with for a good cause?  You can contact Jazz at this email address if you do.


6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Jazz, these quilt finishes are just fabulous!! Thank you— also extending thanks to your many helpers for their donations. I know you’ll get some new packages of backing fabric.

    1. Thanks. What I need is flannel backing. Most of the quilts l make are for new babies, so flannel is the preferred fabric for their skin. Any flannel about 45″ x 45″ would be very appreciated.

  2. Jazz, you do such a lovely job with finishing the quilts and making them shine. I really enjoy seeing your updates, keep them coming.

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