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Oh my word, Jazz is on a roll.  She is really getting a lot of quilts done.  Today she’s sharing her latest.

Jazz writes:
“Jo, have you ever tried to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without seeing the picture? Does it make you anxious to construct furniture from Ikea if many parts remain unused after it’s built?

That’s how intimidated I felt when I tried to fashion a quilt with the parts given to me in a bag by Sue R. from Pearland, a suburb of Houston, about a year and a half ago. You connected us when Sue told you she had scraps to donate. We met at the police station in her town, and she gave me many, many bags of fabric, batting, and a beautiful watercolor wreath quilt top that I finished and sent photos to you since then.

Knowing that I mostly make baby quilts Sue gave me flannels, too, including the pre-cut parts I used to make this quilt. I can’t be sure this was her intended outcome, but I think a new baby boy will be delighted with it.



Here is a close-up of one square and the back.


The quilt finished at about 48” x 48”. It’s batted with the batting you donated, Jo. I have really enjoyed using it.

This yellow, white and blue/green was made from parts sent by Janie Walker last November, with contributions of white flannel with blue stars and yellow moons (Jeanne McArdle, AZ), yellow on front and back from Ila Mugit, and Anonymous. It measures about 38” x 38”.


I wish I could publicly acknowledge all your generous readers who send me materials to make these quilts for the newborns of Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, but when some request that I withhold their names, or when they don’t reveal it at all I must honor their desires.

Another finish to show is this… old-fashioned flimsy you sent. You said you bought it at a thrift store. Someone invested a great quantity of time and devotion into this one. See how it’s assembled by hand? It appears to be stitched with long embroidery floss.


This is the back of the original top as you sent it. I really agonized over the advisability of “improving” it by disassembling it and recreating it on my sewing machine. The artworld is full of tragic “restorations” by well-meaning preservationists. After discussing it with quilt restorers and other creators it was determined that the artist’s work was intended to be used and loved, which was impossible in its fragile state.

I very carefully separated each square and pressed them. Using the photograph as a guide I machine-stitched each one back in the original design. I used the batting you gave me and a very cheerful solid blue back and binding (also from you). In keeping with the vintage feel, I tied each corner with the last of the heavy crochet thread you sent. Now it’s a very colorful, puffy, traditional 50” x 60” wrap, backed with blue like the binding.

Originally the hospital asked for quilts for the newborn nursery but now they accept them for patients of all ages.  I hope this one will comfort a patient at Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

And here are two more of the tops you sent me. These are the perfect newborn size, about 38” x 38”. They are similar, and you sent one of them with a coordinating back. I used a delicate floral from my stash piece to finish the other one. I think they’re both quite effective and the soft colors are just delectable.

The next is a brighter one, one suitable for a toddler. I did some wavy and straight-line stitching on it. It finished at about 45” x 50”. I pieced the back from fabric you sent me and batted it with the batting you donated.

The last quilt in this series is a baby-sized 38” x 38” jungle print. It was easy to just stitch the lines framing the animals. I backed it in a light blue you sent me. To add interest to the plain back I used not a pastel variegated sewing thread but a spool of variegated tatting string! It was a gift of one of your followers who answered the call for threads. Don’t you think it’s cute?

Each one of these quilts started were provided by your readers, Jo, and finished with love and supplies given by your readers. I’m always proud to bring them to Ben Taub Hospital, where they are so appreciated and distributed to patients who need them.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.”

WOW…I told you Jazz was busy.  I just love reading the emails that come from Jazz.  I can tell she is putting her heart and soul into every stitch doing what she can to help those in need who are patients at the hospital.  How blessed they are to have her.

Many and much thanks to all who sent goodies Jazz’s way.  Your support is much appreciated!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Great job Jazz! Beautiful quilts!! Thank you & all who made supplies available to finish these special quilts!

  2. I bid on the auction and posted three or four comments. But my comments are not showing up and the number of replies at the top of the blog Remains the Same. Is there a limit to the number of comments your page can receive? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for any assistance you can give me. And Jo, good reply to why you don’t iron since that comment isn’t appearing.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Nice finishes Jazz, thanks to you and those who have supplied you with fabric etc to donate quilts to Ben Taub.

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