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I have an email with quilts from Jazz to share with you today.

Jazz writes:
Jo, thank you for the quilt tops you sent. I had set them aside until I could get more threads and supplies, but then you shared my need with your followers – and this happened! Carlena Darrieulat sent a box of beautiful, colorful crochet threads to tie quilts with from California; Nelle Briggs of Oklahoma mailed a container full of delicate trims, threads, rick-racks, redwork squares, including the red DMC, yo-yos and a tool to make more, crochet thread, and some heart-breakingly exquisite little roses I’ll be adding to baby girl quilts.

Dianne Leeman (Arkansas) donated yardage, some darling quilt kits, and new neutral and transparent threads. Dorothy Sherback, of West Virginia, sent fabric, wonderful laces, trims and squares; Lois Headley (Missouri), Kathy Sims (Illinois) and Linda Rice (Montana) provided boxfuls of thread, some variegated!

All these gifts allow me to proceed with the tops you sent (which will be in my next submission) and the quilts I had already started with the materials given by your faithful fans.      

These pink and blue nine-patches were created with minky, flannel and cotton from AnnDee B (Georgia), Holly Melton (Indiana), Janie Walker (Oklahoma) Sue Rea (Texas) Terri H, (Nebraska), Susan Voight (indiana), Anon flannel and minkee from very generous (I mean, this donor gave me such a gift in October) from Katy, TX, and you, Jo. Both of the backs came in the mail along with an unsigned note indicating it was intended for “the babies”.

Some of the donors gave me these fabrics almost two years ago. I cherish every piece even when I don’t use it immediately. Both were stitched in the ditch and the pink one was tied with a pink-with-silver-threads crochet thread that I love from Pamela Zyck from Nebraska and backed with a pink flannel. The blue one was stitched in the ditch and tied at the corners (because I can’t…
leave well enough alone.) Both finished at about 45” x 55”.

Since I was on a roll with nine-patches I continued on to make this next one. It was a lot of fun to do; I used assorted scraps from all the usual suspects. It is stitched in the ditch and tied at the corners. None of any of the fabric I receive is ever wasted. I cut all the leftovers into 2 ½” squares and store them in baggies by color. The binding was also fashioned from scraps of other pieces. The back is a rich flannel plaid.

Here’s the last in the nine-patch parade, a green/blue/purple done in the same style (stitched in the ditch, tied in the corners). Both of these are also about 45” x 55”. It’s backed with a solid, soft blue flannel from the anonymous donor mentioned above.

All the quilts I make go to the patients of Ben Taub Hospital, the only hospital in the Texas Medical Center that welcomes all comers with first-class care and personal respect regardless of ability to pay. The physicians, nurses, interpreters, and all the staff are idealistic, mission-driven professionals. Almost all their patients are of very limited means. The need is great, for quilts as well as for other, more urgent resources. My offerings are quickly produced, sturdy, without fancy stitching or adornment, but made with love that I hope translates to their recipients.

The love with which your followers provide these supplies that allow me to continue this vocation is also wrapped up with each quilt. Each one is from all of us. Thank you all.

Great work to all of you who donated and sent things to Jazz. It just warms my heart.  A big shout out to Jazz as well.  She’s a worker that’s for sure.  I love that she sees a need and works to fulfill it.  The people who use the hospital are so blessed by Jazz’s talents and her willingness to give of her time.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Jazz is doing a great job and I love all the nine patches! The green, blue, purple is my favorite! And how wonderful it is to hear how people all across the country donate supplies where it is needed and used. You have a fantastic community running Jo, and my hat is off to you, to Jazz, and to all the others!

  2. Beautiful quilts!! Thanks to so many for their contributions to make these wonderful quilts to bless a recipient.

  3. Quilters/crafters are the most generous souls I have met. Thank you to each of you who met Jazz need to continue her joy of quilting. It made my soul happy to read todays post. Love all those finished quilts.

  4. Jazz’s comments are just as full of love as the quilts she makes and gifts with love. The donated items have surely blessed the giver as well as Jazz. Wonderful work by all, including you, Jo, as you continue to inspire us all.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Jazz, so happy you received so many supplies to continue the wonderful baby quilt finishes. Thanks to you and those who mailed you more thread, fabric etc. What a blessing to you and the babies!!

  6. Jazz, thank you for making quilts for those who have so little. What a beautiful mission to gift a hand made quilt which represents warmth and love. What Jo started and had the foresight to bring others in, such as yourself, has brought joy to so many. Thank you for caring.

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