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Jazz has been extra busy and had a little help from some of you along the way.

Jazz writes:
Jo, remember these scraps from Holly M (Brazil, IN) and the quilt I made from them? It was in the most recent mailing I sent you. They were mostly red, white, and blue.

Well! Another reader, Jeanne M (Tucson, AZ) sent me a stack of 4 ½” precut squares, and many of them were in the same colors. They were so fun and easy to strip up into another 40” x 42” quilt for a newborn at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Holly sent me the red binding. As usual, the batting came from you – and I appreciate it! And, as I mentioned in that previous submission, here is another look at the beautiful blue backing that Becky M. gave me. I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved it – even though it would not photograph well. It’s actually darker than it appears here.

See how Jeanne snuck in some prints celebrating the University of Arizona? I’m sure she intended to encourage the baby to be planning his or her education to include that school, but in Texas, we like to keep the talent close by, so I included some bandana-type prints as well as your white hearts on dark blue to remind ‘em that there’s no place like home.

In December I received an email from Tina H, who lives in Upland, California. She wrote, “I am a follower of Jo Kramer’s blog. On the donation page it says that you are not currently accepting donations. Instead of pieces or parts, I have two smallish baby quilts (36″ x 41″ and 36″ square) that I am finishing up…meaning that they have batting, straight-line quilting, and are bound. I am just looking to send them so they can find a home. Would you be able to accept them? I sew in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. I would wash them before sending them if you prefer this. Please let me know.”

Yes! Of course, I accepted them on behalf of the newborns at Ben Taub Hospital. The new babies keep debuting, the parents continue to want to take them home, and the nursery always needs quilts to swaddle them in for their first trip. And, Jo, Tina does such a professional job! Look at how nice these are.

She told me that her own baby is grown up now, so she doesn’t have juvenile prints in her stash, but I think this is a beautiful baby quilt. See the soft pink-y back; it all just coordinates and is so soft and appealing.

Here’s the other one she sent, just as colorful and pretty, and with a decorative back. I wish everyone could see the details in her work. She’s certainly a quilter I will try to emulate.


And, remembering quilts sent to me, the next one is one from Joann of San Francisco Bay. It’s one of the first you sent me to finish. It took me a while because of the size (74” x 144”) unfinished. I had to wait until the City of Houston reopened the community center where I participate in a sewing bee. There is a ping pong table there I used to lay it out.

I backed it in a peach-y solid from my stash and bound it with a blue dot print Holly M. sent me at the end of 2021.  I tied it all with a shimmery pink crochet thread Pamela Z. sent about the same time. It will be cherished as a comfort by a patient at the county hospital here in Houston, Texas.

I cherish you, Jo, and all your faithful followers who allow me to create so many charity quilts. I love doing it and the hospital genuinely appreciates them. Thank you all!”

WOW…I am so pleased that so many of you are contacting the finishers directly.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Jazz is so fun and easy to work with, which I am sure you are all finding out.  My son Karl used to live in Houston and he keeps telling me that he’s taking me there someday.  When he does, I think I’m going to hang out with Jazz for a day while he goes off and visits some of his friends.  I would LOVE to meet Jazz!!





4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. I would love to meet you, Jo! But it seems like we’ve been friends for so long already that it would be more of a reunion than a meeting.
    I hope it really happens soon, as soon as you’re well!

    1. Jazz, very nice of you to include my items. I know I will have a few more to send you.

      And to Jo, I follow your journey and wish you well. I am just careful about what I post on the internet.

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