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Jazz had been a busy gal as of late.  She messaged me and said she was trying to get more done to find her sewing room back.  Goodness knows I can relate to that.  I think most of us can.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo! I have quilts!

One of your followers, Becky McNeely,  of Texas and Alaska was in Houston recently and gifted me with boxes of gorgeous, new, very high-quality fabric to make quilts for charity. She knew my heart belongs to the babies born in county hospitals here so much of it was juvenile. The rest was beautiful lengths, precuts, and jellyrolls to make wheelchair/lap quilts with for the adults in need at the hospitals. You’ll be seeing some of the projects I’m making with them soon but in the meantime take a look at this cute fireman-themed quilt she made. It was already finished and packed with the materials as inspiration for my designs.

The next quilt I have to show off is… a Quilt As You Go number from an anonymous donor. I love the strips and the soft shades. You sent it to me last month, and I backed it with a neutral-hued piece of yardage that Karen V. sent me last December. (That was a Christmas package! So many lovely fabrics! I’ve been very careful in using it all since it was all so wonderful.) I think it’s quite an effective backing for this colorful quilt.

All these quilts are between 36” and 45” square, the preferred size of the newborn nursery at Ben Taub and L.B.J. Hospitals here in Houston, home of the Texas Medical Center.

All the quilts in this collection were sandwiched with the batting you sent me. I’ve certainly gotten a lot of good use from it, and it’s keeping many newborns warm.

This is just the time of many that I wish I knew the name of the quilter. I would like to know what sewing machine makes such a nice decorative topstitch.

I save all my scraps and cut the smallest into 2 ½” squares. This baby quilt is one I made with the flannel and satin squares and a piece of light blue Minky with stars that you forwarded to me.

I took the moon, bunny, dog, and baby images from free clip art sites and traced them onto a white piece to embroider. Then I attached it to the squares with a bit of blue and white ruffled trim to simulate a quilt over their faces and tied it at each corner.

close-up of embroidery…


That’s it for this submission, but I have several others on my design wall to send you soon. Many, many thanks to all who made them possible.

WOW…what a great bunch of quilts that will wrap so many babies in love.  Don’t you all agree that Jazz’s idea to embroider at the top of the last quilt is a fun idea?  I would have never thought of that!!  Great idea!!

Many thanks to Jazz and the wonderful quilters who are supporting her with their great gifts.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Jo, I was looking at your quilt donation page and wonder what the asterisks denote next to a couple of the names, such as Ray?

    1. From the top of the quilt donation page – “Those listed that have a ** by their name are regularly featured on the blog.”

    2. Anyone with a * near their name regularly is featured on the blog. Others don’t always send me pictures of finished projects.

  2. I think that the stitch that Jazz is asking about is known as Serpentine Stitch. It is a Three Stitch Zig Zag with the length of the stitch altered to make curves instead of points. On my Bernina 163, it is Stitch number 4 but it is a utility stitch rather than an embroidery stitch. My friends have it on their Janomes and Brother machines too. Probably all machines do.
    It is a useful stitch seen over the top of seams instead of stitching in the ditch. It is faster – no need to go slowly to stay in the ditch – and gives a lovely texture to the quilt.
    I use it a lot on Linux and other charity quilts.

  3. Super quilts but the 2.5” squares quilt is fantastic. I agree with you, Jo, the idea of putting the deep border addition at the top with the embroidered sleeping bunnies. Beautiful! Jazz has some very creative ideas…. brilliant, Jazz!

  4. I love the faces at the top of the blue and white quilt. It was such a clever idea and will make this quilt extra special as there is no other like it. (At least not yet.) Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh jeez, I knew that from being a long time blog reader, but totally missed that at the top. I went back and looked at it. Thanks for letting me know.

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