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I have a wonderful collection of quilts from Jazz to share with you today.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo and friends. I’m still stitching and finishing quilts you sent me for the patients of the two Harris County hospitals here in Houston.

This one started out as an embroidered square of muslin Jo sent me in September. I colored in the pictures and added the red sashing you gave me about a year ago and stitched parallel lines on it to keep its homespun style. I drew and embroidered four hearts to center it and then continued sashing with fabrics from my stash until it was 45” square. I sewed diagonal lines in the blue corners to simulate old-fashioned photo corners.

The back is from Sue R, of Pearland. She gave me a number of beautiful fabrics last year, and I think this is just perfect, with its perky little purple/blue little blossoms and yellow centers.

I hope it will make a new baby feel loved and warm, and I hope the parents will enjoy having a keepsake quilt to take home from the hospital with their precious infant.


The next one was…

a top from Debbie S, from Holland, N.Y. It’s a very pretty bright peppermint pink and green design she created and mailed directly to me. She used the Bow Ties pattern from Cheryl Brickey’s book. She said it was fun and easy, and her skill certainly shows it off. I love how well made it is, her seams are consistent, it was well-pressed, which always makes for a more pleasant finishing experience.

I backed it with a delicate white-on-white posey print you sent me, Jo, over a year ago. I stitched it in the ditch to maximize the effect of her piecing. All the batting is from you, too. I thank you and Debbie so much. This quilt finished at 40” x 48”, a great toddler size. I wish I could see the delighted face of the little patient it cheers up!

The next one came as a surprise from an extremely generous donor who did not reveal his/her/their name, but whose note said, “Jo said to send this to you.” It was a large box full of flannels, including this sweet top. I use a lot of flannel since most of the quilts I make are for babies and small children patients. I received it on October 22nd, and immediately got to work.

The package included this multi-colored pastel 41” x 41” dream, mostly of pinks and purples. There was so much in this donation that I had enough for a back as well as fabric for many other quilts, which you’ll see in upcoming submissions. I tied the corners with light purple crochet twine and bound it in lilac flannel for a new baby to go home from Ben Taub or L.B.J. Hospital with.

And the last quilt in this collection is from the same anonymous donor who also included this delightful green and blue charmer.

The shipment included scraps from this top, which I incorporated into the back. It was expertly tied by my helpful and patient wife with the blue 100% IRIS Craft Thread you sent me, in another mailing, Jo. I love it! In fact, although my profile indicates correctly that I’m very well supplied now with fabrics and overwhelmed with donors’ quilts still waiting to be finished, I do always need threads, sewing (all colors), embroidery floss, yarn, and crochet threads to tie quilts with. And stamped cross-stitch patterns that I incorporate into quilts for patients of all ages. I love to do stamped cross-stitch!


Thank you, Debbie, Jo, and Anonymous for the opportunity to provide quilts to the patients of Harris County Hospitals. They are always gratefully received and needed.”

Wow…what a great collection of quilts to be donated to the hospital.  I’m so thankful for the work Jazz does and for all of the support that you all give to Jazz.  If you’re looking to help out, Jazz is in need of:
“I do always need threads, sewing (all colors), embroidery floss, yarn, and crochet threads to tie quilts with.”

You can find Jazz’s contact info on the Donation Page.  She is #20.

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. I received a lovely thank you note from the Decorah Ladies for the fabric you forwarded to them from me They listed all the quilts they have done and plan to do. It was nice to be appreciated!

  2. Hi Jo
    A fellow cross stitcher here. I saw on your blog
    That you were interested in the Lessons in
    Abecedarian by Brenda Gerves. I’ve got them all-
    And have finished lesson3. Don’t ask me why I didn’t
    Start with 1….. Anyway let me know in an email if I can send you this chart for free. I’ll never do it again.
    My best, Connie

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Jazz, such lovely finishes–nice to have a helpful wife to share your passion!! You are such an inspiration with all the charity work you do.

  4. On your donation page it says that Jazz isn’t accepting donations now. Is that still correct? She does a wonderful job.

    1. Christa, my sewing room is totally crammed full of flimsies and fabrics Jo sent me over a year ago and others her fans continue to send. Everyone’s generousity has been overwhelming.
      As I use what I already have l will let y’all know, but for now all I need is sewing threads of any color, crochet string or yarn to tie some of the quilts with, and bits of ribbons, lace or trims to use on the quilts.
      Always, stamped cross-stitch kits in any phase of completion are welcomed and incorporated into quilts for all ages.
      You all inspire me! Thank you so much!

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