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Yahoo…I have quilts from Jazz to share with you today.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo. Here are some of the quilt tops you sent me. This Texas-themed one is batted, backed, and bound with materials you sent recently and months ago.

It’s going to be a favorite of a little buckaroo born at Ben Taub Hospital or L.B.J. Hospital here in Houston. I machine-quilted it and tied it with the turquoise IRIS Cotton Craft Thread you sent.

One of your readers emailed me to ask why I sometimes tied my quilts after I quilted them. I think I replied that I thought the tying made them more colorful, or cuter, or something like that. The truth is, I love some of the quilts so much I hate to quit handling them, so I keep trying to think of just one more thing to do before passing them on to the Harris County, Texas, hospital district.


Here is another example of one where I just couldn’t…

leave well-enough alone. It’s a top made by Beck M, who lives in Alaska and Whitney, Texas, but in her travels to Houston gave me two huge boxes of fabrics, including this pink beauty. I finished it with another backing from you and couldn’t resist adding some pink ties to the corners of it, too.

The quilt is not as red as it appears in this picture, it’s actually lighter and pinker, and prettier than it shows here.

The cranberry back is from the yardage you supplied months ago. Sometimes when your followers send me fabric I save it for just the perfect thing. None of it is ever forgotten or wasted.

And lastly, the most recent one you sent, this cute Noah’s Ark quilt, is all embroidered and bound with a red ruffle. It’s bigger than the customary new-born size quilt, but it’s so charming and colorful that I think a toddler will love it. (And I just loved doing it! To add a little interest, I colored in some of the spaces with Crayola crayons and ironed over it to set it.)


Here is a close-up of the center.


Thank you, Jo, and Becky M, and all your anonymous benefactors for allowing me to provide these quilts for the newborns and children of Ben Taub and L.B.J. Hospitals in Houston, Texas. I really enjoy finishing them, and now three more baby patients will now have a quilt to go home with.

WOW.  I sent that package with a Noah’s Ark stamped baby quilt to Jazz less than a month ago and she already has it stitched.  Holy WOW!!  She is a speedy stitcher and it looks great.  I found the new in package stamped baby quilt at the thrift store and bought it for $1.50.  It was a great deal and Jazz really made it shine!  She does a great job with all of the quilts she makes.  I appreciate having her on board the charity quilt team!!

If you’re interested in helping Jazz with quilt tops or backing fabric…or more batting, goodness knows she’s going to need it with how productive she is, you can find her as #20 on the Donation Page.  Find that page HERE.

On a side note:  You might remember a couple of weeks ago I asked if there was anyone who could help Jazz out.  She needed a sewing machine upgrade.  A WONDERFUL lady who preferred to remain anonymous donated one to her.  Jazz sent me an email telling me and WOWZA, the two of us were doing the happy dance…me in Iowa and Jazz in Houston.  I thank you ever so much.  What a blessing you are!!  Many-MANY thanks to you.

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Love the idea of adding ties to the quilts. Me mom always tied her quilts. As to the Noah’s Ark quilt I would have colored the whole picture. Do the colors stay in well evenly after washing?

    1. The hospitals I donate to require all quilts to be washed before drop off; the colors remained vibrant after the first washing, at least.

  2. I too love the look of tying quilts butour local children’s hospital requested that we not do that anymore because the children were chewing on the threads

    1. Harris Health is the sponsor of the two hospitals I donate to. I’m in close contact with their in-kind donations director, who assures me that tied quilts are very appreciated, but your point is well taken. If I were offering quilts to any organization I would certainly inquire regarding their preferences and abide by them.

  3. I’m so happy to hear that Jazz got another machine, what a generous person to help her out. Kindness matters. I loved seeing all the wonderful quilts and the children who receive them will appreciate them. Quilters are such a generous group.

    1. The hospitals I donate to require all quilts to be washed before drop off; the colors remained vibrant after the first washing, at least.

    2. Yes, I am convinced that quilters are the most sharing of everyone! Not only did my benefactor give me a sewing machine, but people up to 250 miles away offered me machines! I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all who offered.

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