Community Quilts from Jazz

Yahoo!!  I have quilts from Jazz to share with you today.

Jazz writes:
I have quilts to show you. The first is a darling pastel baby quilt that you sent me to finish.

I machine-stitched the printed stitches and tied the corners in pink. Two borders are in a darker pink and I backed it with a lighter pink. It’s a good size for a little girl and it was such a delight to complete. This one (and all the quilts I complete) goes to the hospitals for the uninsured and underinsured of Harris County (Houston) Texas.

In the same shipment, you sent me some beautiful redwork embroidery squares to be fashioned into a quilt. I used half of them to make this colorful piece.

I reserved the others for another, totally different quilt you’ll see soon.

These photos can’t show how carefully and beautifully the embroidery was worked, but it was done by a genuine artist.
The quilt back is pieced with the same wallpaper fabric as I used in the front for a precious infant.

The next quilt is from…
a flimsy you sent with a note suggesting that a real Texan should complete it. I agreed, and here it is The Texas Quilt.

It’s also a machine-quilted and tied quilt. The back is a darker pink that complements the pink bandana prints on the front and is bound in pale pink. I just know a little buckaroo at Ben Taub or LBJ hospitals will love it!

My last offering in this selection is one from Joann in California, one of my all-time favorite quilters. You sent me this one in the first package after I volunteered to finish charity quilts for you and I’ve reserved it because I admire her work so much.

It’s a big quilt but recently Harris Health has been requesting quilts for adults so this one will join the others. Again, I machine-quilted it and added ties at the corners for … no reason except I’m on a tie!

I appreciate all the donors who made such beautiful quilts and embroidery for me to complete. It’s such a joy to finish professionally made work, and the patients at the hospitals are so grateful, too.”

WOW…What a great bunch of quilts.  You did a wonderful job Jazz!!  Thanks to all who provided goodies for these quilts to happen.

Jazz donated the finished quilts to the hospitals for the uninsured and underinsured of Harris County (Houston) Texas.  Isn’t it wonderful that the uninsured and underinsured can not only get assistance but also some go home with these beautiful quilts that Jazz has made.

If you’d like to support the work Jazz does, feel free to contact her and send goodies her way.  She is #20 on the list of the quilt finishers.  You can find that list HERE.


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