Community Quilts from Jazz

Yahoo!!  I have quilts to share from Jazz.

She writes:
I’m not a very good secret-keeper — now everyone knows I love to make charity quilts, especially with donated scraps!

This is one I made with fabric bits from you, me, and our friends. It’s a 2 1/2″ squares cascading pattern, but look at the back!

It’s so pretty with the same colors as the front. It was a gift from your follower, Nancy Morey of Birmingham, AL, and I thought it was just perfect! Nancy sent me quite a lot of fabric, all beautiful. I’ll be sharing more pictures of quilts made with it soon.

The next quilt was …
started beautifully by Terri Harouff from Nebraska. (Jo, your devotees are all over the country!) 

It’s a fish motif print, so cool and refreshing for these hot summer days. I backed and bound it in a coordinating bright green you sent me a few months ago.

I think all the new babies at Ben Taub and LBJ Hospitals in Houston, TX will want this one. Terri generously sent several other pieces that will be made into new baby quilts, too.

This Dogs Doing Yoga is one of my favorites. You sent it to me started, but I don’t know who the artist was. I’d like to thank all the contributors who send you (and me) projects and scraps, especially this cute one. It was a particularly fun one to finish. It’s backed with a solid creamy white, the background color of the center print. Namaste.

The last quilt I recently finished is the first one I started. Another of your fans who is too shy to allow me to mention her name gave me the embroidery kit a couple of years ago specifically to be made as a gift for a newborn at one of the Harris County hospitals in Houston.

I did the handwork and pieced and quilted it. I love doing printed cross stitch!

All these quilts are about 45″ square, the requested size by the hospitals, and batted with the batting you sent me. I hope the new babies and their parents love them as much as I do.”

Wow…what a bunch of great quilts and how generous of Jazz to do all that stitching and then pass it on.  I’m sure all of the quilts will be loved a plenty.  Thanks so much to everyone who sent goodies to Jazz and helped make these quilts happen.  Awesome work Jazz!!


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