Community Quilts from Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild

Hello. I have a parade of quilts from blog reader and quilt finisher Lynn.

She writes:

In October of last year, I picked up some tops from you that the Cresco ladies had just delivered.   The Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild in Buffalo Center is working on finishing them. 

We are tying the quilts and just took five to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. I have attached pictures of the ones taken this week.   We are still working on some more.  Thanks again for sharing. 

I am so glad that Lynn’s group finished these up and are sharing them today. It’s a great way for me to remind readers and potential finishers that tieing quilts is perfectly fine. They all look great and will warm and comfort the recipients. If you are…

part of a group or are an individual that would like some quilt tops to finish for the charity of your choice and you tie quilts, don’t be afraid to contact me and ask for tops. Tieing is just great!!

It’s wonderful to see these all finished and making their way to the children’s hospital. The bright colors are sure to be a hit with the kids!!

Many thanks to Lynn and her group and many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for their awesome work. As always, a huge thanks to the many silent partners that make many of these quilts happen, the people that have sent fabric my way for me to pass to the Cresco Ladies…and the people who donate to the postage fund or buy auction goodies that pays for the postage to ship quilts out. There are so many ways to help

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild”

  1. Okay, like back in the Limbaugh radio days: “long time reader first time commenter, lol! (Hopefully some of you will get it. ;-)
    I’ve lost track of the number of tied quilts I’ve made for my kids and now grandkids. They love them and use them for forts, tents, tug o’ wars, picnics etc. I’ve made hand-quilted and long arm quilted as well. None of my grands have ever commented on “the quilting”, they were just thrilled to have them. Congrats to all your finishers and the Cresco group! You’re all doing a GREAT service!

  2. Such nice quilts and finished so good. May each child who receives one be blessed with the love put in them. Thanks to all who helped make these!

  3. Hi Jo, just to let you know, the next two blog posts are just gobbledygook text ☹️, yet yesterday I could read the Quilts from Karin post.

    1. I’ve just found I can access the blog posts ok via your archives, but I can’t leave a comment on them without it reverting back to the gobbledygook text. Hope this makes sense?!

      1. Samantha if you can tell us how you are reading the blog and accessing the pages, that would be so helpful. Are you reading from a phone, tablet or desktop? Are you accessing the blog through the newsletter? What browser are you using, Chrome, Safari? All of these answers will help us narrow down the problem.

  4. This really hasn’t anything to do with this post, but I tried to look at another post this morning and got the following (and it is the second post I got a similar message for- when I paaste it, Your post is apparent between the commands, but too hard to read
    ) : {“version”:”20211209″,”show_thumbnails”:true,”show_date”:true,”show_context”:true,”layout”:”grid”,”headline”:”Related”,”items”:[{“id”:63427,”url”:”https:\/\/\/community-quilts-from-karin-3\/”,”url_meta”:{“origin”:84471,”position”:0},”title”:”Community Quilts from Karin”,”date”:”June 6, 2021″,”format”:false,”excerpt”:”Yahoo.\u00a0 I just love days when I get to show finished Community Quilts.\u00a0 It does my heart good to know there is good in the world. I have a treat for you today.\u00a0 First I am going to tell you about today’s quilts\u00a0 from Karin.\u00a0 Then I am going to\u2026″,”rel”:””,”context”:”In "Charity Quilts"”,”img”:{“alt_text”:””,”src”:”https:\/\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/05\/0426211744-002-scaled.jpg?resize=350%2C200″,”width”:350,”height”:200},”classes”:[]},{“id”:74793,”url”:”https:\/\/\/from-my-email\/”,”url_meta”:{“origin”:84471,”position”:1},”title”:”From My Email…”,”date”:”June 6, 2022″,”format”:false,”excerpt”:”I get so many emails that include fun things.\u00a0 I thought I would share them with you today. The first email came from the Mayfields.\u00a0 Sue was helping a neighbor move and the neighbor didn’t have a need for these and Sue didn’t either so, they are being passed to\u2026″,”rel”:””,”context”:”In "Mailbox"”,”img”:{“alt_text”:””,”src”:”https:\/\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/image0-00E-scaled.jpeg?resize=350%2C200″,”width”:350,”height”:200},”classes”:[]},{“id”:31995,”url”:”https:\/\/\/charity-quilt-finish-20\/”,”url_meta”:{“origin”:84471,”position”:2},”title”:”Charity Quilt Finish”,”date”:”January 12, 2017″,”format”:false,”excerpt”:”Here’s a charity quilt that got finished…. A bit ago I had a charity quilt on the blog from blog reader and volunteer binder, Karin in Florida. \u00a0Well today I have another one that was finished by Karin. This one, like the previous one, was sent to me by Phyllis\u2026″,”rel”:””,”context”:”In "Charity Quilts"”,”img”:{“alt_text”:”Charity-Quilt-6″,”src”:”https:\/\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/12\/Charity-Quilt-6-500×281.jpg?resize=350%2C200″,”width”:350,”height”:200},”classes”:[]}]}

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