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Back in September I got a note from blog readers Graz. She wrote:
I am a charity quilter. I read about you needing more people to quilt. I would gladly help with that and of course donate all quilts to charity, which is my passion.I make quilts for Veterans groups, low-income senior citizens center, the Xmas House in Everett where the family can shop for kids Xmas stuff for free, the police and firefighters, etc., etc. If you want to give me a try, please provide me with the rules and the tops and I will follow your guidelines.”

That sounded great to me so I sent some tops to her.

A bit ago she wrote back and shared the wonderful finished quilts.

Graz writes:
Three of the will go to Creations for Cures ; one other went to a lady that had a stroke, she is on a wheal chair and her husband is blind. She is a friend of our little group so we gave her the quilt to let her know we all love her. We try to give folks a quilt in a quilted homemade bag. Photo included of that too. She was very appreciative……always fun to make someone ‘feel’ better.

I included another photo of the bags we are making for the Creation for Cures kids. They are going to be filled with art supplies.

I will send you more photos when we identify other recipients of the great quilts you sent me. One is potentially a high school kid that injured herself during a game…. We also have few request from the Mother in Transition house and an Alcohol recover center. More photos coming.

This is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Thank you!

The story behind this is this person, Evan, is a wonderful man that helps taking care of an Alzheimer patient. He is very attentive, cleans his house, cooks for him, and does everything that is needed. He was cleaning the inside of the garbage can when I was visiting. He is a wonderful man, always smiling, friendly and pleasant.  Our group agreed he should get a thank you quilt.

Jo writing now…
Aren’t these great? There are even more.

Graz didn’t say but I think these were all made by the Cresco Ladies.

If I am wrong on the maker…or Sandra, if you’re reading, do you remember if the Cresco Ladies made these? I want to credit the makers accordingly.

I am so impressed with all of these quilts. I love seeing the many places Graz’s group supports. All are worthy causes or individuals. Recently I haven’t been getting in as many community quilt tops to send out. I’d love to restock Graz with more tops, but I don’t have any. If any of you would like to help out Graz’s group by donating quilt tops, I am sure Graz would be overjoyed. You can contact her at this address.

Thank you so much for the support everyone…

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Graz”

    1. Thank you for your wonderful posts! I contacted The Stitchery Nook and ordered and received all the supplies for the Alphabet Sampler SAL that I thought was starting May 1st, but I haven’t heard any more about it. Not sure how a SAL works as this is the first one I’ve ever attempted to participate in.

  1. Beautiful finishes, Graz! Your kindness shines in your words and photos, as well as your finished quilts! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So wonderful to see a new name for quilt finisher. Great work and the charities are so worthwhile. It is nice to see some specific recipients. Tank you, Graz!!

  3. Martha W in WY

    Thank you Graz for stepping forward. Your quilting is beautiful. It is nice to see a few photos of some deserving recipients. Obviously, your hard work was appreciated….just look at those smiles!

  4. Rebecca Burch

    Another batch of awesome quilts! And how awesome of Graz to step forward. I’ve already contacted her, so now some of my little “creations” hopefully will find a home.

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