Community Quilts from Elle

Beth had sent me some quilt tops and I shipped them off to Elle.  I have to say, Elle is a quick worker.

She writes:
I have finished all 4 quilts.  They were all labeled Beth.”

# 1 and #2 are backed with pink flannel as I have most of a bolt still here.  Bindings came from stash as well.  I quilted them on my mid-arm as a single load.  I’ve included a photo as it seems often people like to see that process as well.

#3  is“…

a color genre I don’t have in stash so no border.  I had this fabulous bright funky fabric I had purchased recently for backings so I used it here as the top has blue and yellow.  I also had been gifted a yard of a soft yellow/blue Kaffe fabric so it became the binding for this finish.”

#4 was smallish and a single background fabric so I didn’t feel I could fairly enlarge it.  I had this great fabric I had purchased to border another project and I thought it just worked with the wonderful brights in this top.  I had been gifted a fun flip-flop chunk so I used half it to back this quilt.  A great bright blue binding and it’s a finish.”

All of these quilts will go to a shelter for abused women along with their children.  This facility houses and feeds families.  They provide counseling, therapy sessions and a lot of art therapy for the children.  Families can stay as long as a year.  When the team feels they are ready, they help them find employment, establish a new home and place in the community and support them thru the transition.  This facility has helped hundreds of families over the years and I do what I can to support them on a regular basis.”

Thanks to Beth and to you for giving me the gift of finishing these quilts.”

WOW..I am so impressed with the work.  More than ever it’s good to see good thing happening.  Thanks ladies.


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Elle”

  1. The beautiful quilts will be welcome at the facility for abused women and children. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of those families and why they are at such a facility. Thank you for providing these quilts to them.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Lovely small quilts. Yes the need is desperate, for things like this. Many of those ladies and their children leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

  3. I’m SEW glad that Elle showed her “double loaded” quilting machine! That is such a smart way to work. I’ll have to “save up” my next couple of donation tops and give that a try on my longarm!

  4. Angie in SoCal

    Those are lovely quilts. Alas, the Corona Virus has done a number on us finishing the quilts you sent. We last met in March just before we had to shelter in place (we did social distance). Everyone just loved the quilt tops and each took one or two to work on. Since we are still sheltering no one has yet completed the ones they took home, but several said they are close. Then there’s the problem of picking them up. We’ll work on that as they call and say they are done. Hope springs eternal.

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