Community Quilts from Elizabeth K

I have a new batch of quilts to share with you. These are from Elizabeth K. We have several Elizabeth’s that finish quilts. This Elizabeth is a more recent addition to the crew of finishers. She did a great job of finishing these!!

Hi, Jo,  Here are a few finished comfort/charity quilts.  I believe the tops were pieced by the Cresco ladies.    We have shared them with Toby’s Place which is the home to women and children experiencing homelessness in Columbia.  They offer two development programs: Pre-Program, a short-term, overnight shelter for women experiencing homelessness, and the Transitional Program, long-term housing for those in need of care and support while they stabilize their living situation.

Mary Ann and Sandra got them all sandwiched and ready for quilting.

First, we added a border to make it a little larger and it was quilted by Sandra. 

The second I added a row of blocks and quilted. 

The third was quilted by me.

Thank you to the Cresco ladies and you for sharing with us so that we could share these quilts with Toby’s Place families.”

Wow…great teamwork ladies!! These all turned out so cute and I’m sure they will be treasured. I love that teamwork from the Cresco Ladies made these and I love the teamwork from Elizabeth (and friends) is what finish them. We need more good teams in the world!! THANKS, everyone!!

By the way…Elizabeth is a blogger too. You can read her blog HERE.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Elizabeth K”

  1. Your team of quilt finishers is getting so big! It’ll be of great help for some really deserving charities. Reading about the different charities they help has made me realise it’s not just here in the UK where there’s a massive problem with homelessness and the cost of living, unfortunately.

  2. Great work by all the involved providers! The quilts are all very special and will be loved by their recipients. Such a great charity where so much is needed.

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