Community Quilts from Elizabeth

Elizabeth sent me an email showing off some of the quilts she finished.  She send the email way back in November and I am finally getting around to publishing this now.  It got buried in my email along with a few other community quilt emails.  I feel so bad for not getting to them sooner.

Elizabeth writes:
Here are some quilts that I have worked on.

The first was quilted with wavy lines to suggest the seas and backed with blue flannel.  It went to a local group, Interfaith, that provides household items to needy families.

The second also went to Interfaith…  I decided to quilt it “organically,” a word I have seen in blogs that essentially means (I think) whatever you wish!  I tried some curved lines, among other things.  I wasn’t wowed with the result, but I hope someone will be happy with its warmth.

The last one also went to Interfaith.  I quilted it with a meander and backed it with the brown you see in the photo.  Animals meander when they aren’t charging so I thought the quilting was appropriate.

The Cresco Ladies are responsible for these.  Thanks to them and to you for brightening someone’s day.

These all turned out so nice.  Elizabeth did a great job finishing them.  Sometimes I don’t think everyone realizes all the work that goes into finishing…prepping a back, loading the quilts, trimming the quilts, doing the actual machine quilting, and then, hopefully finding a binding that matches..then the actual binding, photographing, writing an email and delivering the finished quilts.  I am always so impressed with all the work the finishers do.  It is so appreciated.  They are such a valuable link the community quilt chain.  THANKS, Elizabeth, and thanks to the Cresco ladies for providing the tops.

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