Community Quilts from Elizabeth

I have some quilts to share with you today. The tops were created by the Cresco Ladies and finished by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth writes:
Here are some quilts that I have worked on.
The first was quilted with wavy lines to suggest the seas and backed with blue flannel.  It went to a local group, Interfaith, that provides household items to needy families.

The second also went to… Interfaith.  I decided to quilt it “organically,” a word I have seen in blogs that essentially means (I think) whatever you wish!  I tried some curved lines, among other things.  I wasn’t wowed with the result, but I hope someone will be happy with its warmth.

The last one also went to Interfaith.  I quilted it with a meander and backed it with the brown you see in the photo.  Animals meander when they aren’t charging so I thought the quilting was appropriate.

The Cresco Ladies are responsible for these.  Thanks to them and to you for brightening someone’s day.”

I am sure these will be loved and appreciated by all.  Thanks to the Cresco Ladies for the tops and many thanks to Elizabeth for finishing them all.  It makes me so happy to be a link in the chain that makes all this wonderful work happen.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Elizabeth”

  1. Jo I’m cleaning my sewing room again. Sent you a large box of quilt tops and I still have 3 plastic tubs yet to work on. Hope you can use some of them to bring a smile to a face and joy to a special someone. Marie

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Elizabeth, everyone loves a gift when received– Thanks to you and the Cresco ladies for providing these.

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