Community Quilts from Elizabeth

I was running low on charity quilt blog posts and then over the weekend I checked my email and BAM!  There were many emails.  Today I’m sharing Elizabeth’s quilts with you…

Elizabeth writes:
These quilts were from the Cresco group, I am pretty sure.  The first wasn’t my favorite when I first saw it, but now that it is quilted, I love it. 
I quilted flowers on the… next two and straight lines on the last one, with the exception of the borders, where I quilted dog bones.

It’s a very cute quilt and the two in the middle are lovely, in my opinion.

I used fabric from my stash for the backs and bindings.

All will be going to Comfort Cases, an organization that packs backpacks for children in foster care.  They are always happy to get quilts and other blankets. It makes me sad that there is such a need, but I am happy that with the help of the Cresco ladies we can fill it.”

Awe…they all turned out cute and I’m sure kids will love them.  I do agree with Elizabeth that it’s so sad so many are in need.  A big shout out to the Cresco ladies for their great work in putting these tops together and of course to Elizabeth for finishing them up!!

2 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Elizabeth”

  1. Really cute quilts and nicely made. Thanks to all who made these precious quilts which will bless some sweet little recipient.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Thank you Elizabeth and Cresco ladies for your beautiful work!! The quilts will make child a happy moment and beyond.


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