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I am still on a mission to get caught up on all of the quilts that have been finished by Elizabeth.  I think this email will have me caught up.  WHEW!  That’s one person up to date!  Now I’ll have to pick another finisher and get her caught up too!  Oh my.  I do apologize for not being better about posting finishes.

Elizabeth writes:
You sent me these for donations.  They will go to Children’s Hospital in Washington DC.  Thank you — and thank you to the Cresco ladies, where I think these originated.”

This one is a pretty mix perfect for fall.  Now I think this is also perfect for a charity quilt.  If you ever need a quick quilt, think of this pattern.

Here is another that is great for a quilt for charity.  Both of these look like enlarged quilt blocks.  They are pretty and quick.  Perfect for charity quilts and Elizabeth’s group did a great job finishing them.

In another email, Elizabeth sent this quilt…
Elizabeth writes:
You sent me to finish.  The last two I did went to Comfort Cases, an organization that prepares backpack care packages for foster children.

These are likely to go to Small Things Matter, an organization that supports low-income families hard hit by Covid-19.  Both groups are in Montgomery County, Maryland

In yet another email Elizabeth shared more quilts…

She writes:
Our organization has a collection this week and our blankets will be going to various local charities and a neonatal unit of a local hospital.  Thanks to all your contributors for making our efforts possible.”

I think this last quilt was a 3-yard quilt.  It’s made with three 1 yard pieces of coordinating fabric.

Thanks so much to Elizabeth, the Cresco Ladies, and anyone who helped along the way.  I love that I belong to this village of volunteers.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Elizabeth”

  1. Absolutely beautiful finishes!!! Someone is going to be so pleased with these quilts and you did a great job finishing these quilts!

  2. Was wonderful to see the finished quilts and to know someone will be loving there gift this season. Thank you to all that contributed.

  3. Jo recently Found your website and started following you on it. Love the homey family writeups as I too have quiet a large family with7 grown children. While little they kept their dad and I on the run…now, its their turn to run. after little ones.
    We just mailed a box full of quilt tops and a few completed small quilts…Hope you’ll be able to user them in a few charity needed areas. Thank you and have a beautiful day (Hope it will be a good day for you)….Marie

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