Community Quilts from Elizabeth

I am SLOWLY trying to get caught up on my email.  S-L-O-W-L-Y.  I had some old emails from Elizabeth.  She was so patient with me and I should have had these written up and showed off long ago.  I’m finally getting to them now.

Elizabeth writes:
Hi, Jo,   Near the end of April you sent me 3 tops pieced by the Cresco ladies.

Members of my small church quilt group helped me with the finishing.  They are on to new homes to bring comfort to young patients of the oncology ward at our local Children’s Hospital.

The first ocean theme was a little small as it arrived so we added borders.  Martha quilted ocean waves.

on the next one…

I tried quilting sand dollars (motif from Lori Kennedy) in 2 borders on the porpoise quilt plus I thought swirls had an ocean feel.

MaryAnn quilted the superhero one. 
Thank you and the Cresco ladies for sharing.”

Elizabeth sent another email with this quilt…

She writes:
To add to my “ collection.”  It is going to someone undergoing chemotherapy.”

Elizabeth and the crew do a great job finishing these.  Thanks so much for your work and dedication in finishing these.  Thanks go out to the Cresco ladies as well.


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  1. Such beautiful quilts. I sure liked the ocean one – the colors are so my colors. I also liked the patterns of the other ones. Great finishes – thanks Elizabeth and helpers!

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