Community Quilts from Elizabeth

I have quilts to share with you today from Elizabeth. She finished a lot so be ready for a big parade.

Elizabeth writes:
Although you haven’t heard from me in awhile, I am still finishing quilts.  Below are the pictures.  The first is from Patti in Florida and when I received it, I breathed a big sigh of relief.  I had volunteered to make some quilts for an organization, Capital Caring Health, that provides “advanced home care and hospice” for veterans their families and others and although I had one quilt top in the works, I felt like I needed more.  Patti sent a box of tops and this red, white and blue beauty was on top.  Eureka!  I quilted it with a stipple and stars and sent it on its way.  The manager of Community and Volunteer Engagement was thrilled to get it and I was thrilled that Patti helped me fulfill my commitment.

The second quilt has a country “vibe” and I backed it with a piece that also reflected country origins.  It also went to Capital Caring Health and the manager told me she had a patient who grew up on a farm who would just love the quilt.  The top was made by the Cresco ladies.

Speaking of which, I was saddened to learn about Sandra Moore’s passing.  As I said in a note to her family, she and her group brought joy to so many people.  Her memory will be cherished.  

The third quilt reminded that what goes around comes around.  The flowered patches were made by the Cresco ladies from a sheet that I sent them (or sent to you for forwarding)!  It was fun to see it in a finished product.  I wanted to add a border to the quilt that would match (more or less) the darker fabric, but had a hard time coming up with anything.  I went to my local quilt store and they suggested something, but in the end I used what I had in my stash, the color of which reflects some of the flowers.  This quilt also went to Capital Caring Health.

I am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember whether the next quilt came from Patti or the Cresco ladies.  I think it was a Patti creation. It’s primarily batiks and oh so pretty (if I do say so myself).  I quilted moons and stars in the blocks and backed it with some green fabric that I had on hand.  I sent it off to Comfort Cases which, I have mentioned before, provides quilts and other supplies to foster children.  I once thought the group was local only (and was concerned that there seemed to be so many foster children in Montgomery County, Maryland), but, in fact, it’s a national organization.  They have recently moved their headquarters because, I hope, they need more space for their donations.

The last quilt is a Cresco ladies special.  I must admit I get ideas for my own donation quilts from their handiwork and I hope to make a quilt similar to this one very soon.  It has lots of vehicles on it in bright prints.  I found a striped fabric that included all the colors in the top so I bound it with that and quilted it with free motion swirls that I have been using a lot lately.  This, too, went to Comfort Cases.

Both of these quilts were done by the Cresco ladies and you sent them to me awhile ago.  I have seen many quilts online like the first one (square blocks in blocks) and this is a pretty example of the pattern. 

I hope the swirl quilting shows up; it was fun to do. 

The second quilt was one I though I have finished eons ago and I had even started to square it up.  When I took it out of my pile, though, I realized it was only partially done.  I’m sorry the picture is crooked, but the quilt is pretty in real life.  I added the batik border and sent both of these off to Comfort Cases, which supports children in foster care.

  I typically look for backing fabric in my stash (which consists of at least a dozen plastic tubs) and piece the backs if I don’t have enough for the size of the quilt.  You gave me “permission” to use sheets for backing and I do that as well.  The second quilt was backed with a light green sheet.  For the first one, I used some pink fabric that was gifted by another quilter.

By the way, I am SO thrilled for you that a new love has come into your life.  Enjoy every minute; you deserve all the happiness.  And thank you for all you do to brighten the lives of the recipients of these and other quilts.

Oh Elizabeth, you made these quilts all shine. What a great service you do by donating to worth causes. Great work on the part of all of the people who donated these quilt tops. SO FUN to see them all finished!!

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  1. Such beautiful quilts and a wonderful charity where Elizabeth donates them. Thank you, Elizabeth, Patti and the Cresco ladies. Beautiful work by all!

  2. Where in Md do you live? We might be close to one another. I live in Sunderland, MD (between Dunkirk and Prince Frederick)

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