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Today I have a big bunch of quilt finishes to share with you. All are finished by Elizabeth Wood. There are two Elizabeths that finish tops so I add Elizabeth’s last name.

(Tops by Kay (Iowa); Lillian (Washington), Suzie (Texas) and the Cisco Liadies.  Thanks to all of these generous ladies for sharing their time and talents with others)

A quick update on quilts finished…..

All the backing material was supplied by Lillian unless otherwise noted.  The smaller quilts were donated to Project Linus while the larger quilts went to the Women’s Housing Coalition.  The director of this foundation sent a very nice thank you note from the last donation and indicated that the women and children who received the last group of quilts were “overwhelmed by the generosity”.   It’s clear that quilts mean a lot to people in need and do make a difference to the women who are in need of help and support. 

I finished the final three sent by Kay.  All three were baby quilts out of the 30s fabric.  Some little one is really going to have fun finding all the cute items in these (cats, Santa, Bunnies, hearts, etc.)  One of these was backed in ABC fabric donated by my Mom, Ruth.  Two were quilted in a straight stitch finish while the third was done with an overall stipple.  Neutral thread was used so as not to detract from the lovely fabric.

I was also able to quilt

Lillian’s beautiful purple lap-size quilt.  I used a dark purple King Tut thread to quilt it in an overall stipple pattern.  I wasn’t sure if the thread would be too dark but after I started, I ended up liking the contrast.  Top, batting and backing were all supplied by Lillian so once I got to this one, it was a breeze to finish.  The “Road Trip” was pieced from a panel and matching fabric sent by Lillian.  It was backed with another matching fabric Lillian supplied. 

I needed to use up some of my backing scraps so made a raggedy quilt with my left-over backing flannel.  These are always fun.  Other scrapes cut into 4” squares made up the second quilt.

Suzie sent a 68” by 70” beauty!  She must have quite the fabric stash because I don’t think she repeated a single piece of fabric in this one.  Lots of colors and patterns make this quilt an eye-catcher.  I used a neutral variegated beige thread and an overall stipple to finish this quilt.  Suzie also sent  a boxful of other fabric, mostly fat quarters, that I’ll use to make more tops.

Lastly are 4 more tops finished by the Cresco Ladies.  Again, a stipple pattern in matching thread was used for finishing. 

This is just the start of the ones made by them, sent to me, so I have a lot more work ahead of me.  

Great work Elizabeth!! You were a busy gal finishing all of those quilt tops. Many thanks to everyone who donated tops. It’s so awesome that there and pieces and finishers and that they can get together and do great things. Many will be warmed both physically and emotionally by the generosity of you all.

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  1. I’d like to suggest to my quilt guild that we could, perhaps, use y’all’s system for the quilts we donate. But I’ve only been a member for a year and some ladies have been in the guild for years and years and I’m not sure how they’d receive the suggestion. I’ve made three quilts so far for Foster the Love. I love piecing quilt tops but don’t like binding and quilting the tops. I know some people enjoy the actual quilting and some who take pleasure in hand sewing bindings as they watch tv. I’m so impressed with the finishing you do to all of the quilt tops donated to you so they can be sent on and, hopefully bring joy and/or comfort to those who need it. I’m just as impressed with all of the people who donate pieced tops as I recognize the time and effort that went into creating them. I’m impressed by those that donate fabrics from their stash for backing and binding…fabric isn’t cheap. Anyway, just wanted to say that you and all of the people donating tops and fabrics…y’all are special.

    1. Maybe you could just ask if anyone is interested in binding a quilt you’ve worked on. Maybe that’s a small start to getting people doing the parts of quilting that they love.

  2. I am wondering if the quilt with all the different fabrics might be the one that is pieced on rolls of adding machine tape then using the size of the tape for trimming purposes then sewing those strips together row by row.????????
    it was quite beautiful however she managed to put it together.

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