Community Quilts from Eileen

If you didn’t see Saturday’s blog post, I am hosting a auction for the community quilt fund.  You can find it HERE.  Monies raised help support the community quilt project.

Now to today’s post…

Hooray, hooray…there are community quilts to share today!!  These came from Eileen.  She writes:

Here are the charity quilts you sent me. I was happy to have them to keep me inside as it has been so hot and humid here in VA.

Next week they will be turned off to the binders. Our guild donates to nursing homes, safe houses, and hospitals.

I’ll send another photo when we do the donations.”

I am not sure who donated these.  I do believe a couple of them came from the Cresco Ladies but I don’t know if all of them did.

First up is a fun quilt made from pinwheels and four patches.

Next up is… a quilt that I’m guessing was made from a jelly roll.  It looks like a fun pattern to make along with being quick and easy.  What a perfect charity quilt.  I love the quilting motif that Eileen picked.

This one I remember seeing before.  I’m guessing it’s one the Cresco Ladies made but I’m not sure.  I think the little flower on the right was the perfect touch.

By just looking, this looks like a four patch with funky sashing but I’m not sure…maybe it’s four patches that are framed.  Either way I love the colors.  This is a great quilt to show off a collection of fabric.  It’s scrappy so you know I’d love it!!

The next two are orphan block quilts.  I think they were part of the marathon orphan block sewing sessions that the Cresco Ladies had.  So fun…

This reminds me…I was going to go through my orphan blocks sometime and see if I could come up with a quilt from them.

Great work to all who made the tops…and a big shout out to Eileen for finishing these.  So fun to see them journey through their next step and soon to be on their way to making a difference in the life of the recipients.  Thanks Eileen!!

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