Community Quilts from Doris

I have community quilts in from Doris.  She was so sweet and forgave me for misplacing the photos of her completed quilts.  Here they are…

Doris writes:

Hi Jo, I have finished two of the tops you sent. The flower strippie measured 44 x 56 and backing was included.

I free motion quilted flowers and circles and bound it with a yellow print from my stash.

It will go to an organization helping victims rescued from human trafficking.

This top measured 64 x 64 and had the backing and binding included.

I free motion quilted 3’s and E’s in a medium brown thread.

It will go to my church’s Comfort Quilt Ministry to a lady currently undergoing radiation treatments.

Look for leftover backing to appear again.

These 6″ squares originally measured 46 x 46. I added a coral stripe and wine flower print leftover from the backing you sent for another top to bring size up to 46 x 59.

Backing pieced from my stash.

Had enough wine print for binding also. Free motion quilted hooks and loops in cream thread. For Quilts Beyond Borders providing quilts to needy children and adults worldwide.

The giant 12 patch was 46 x 46.

I added wine and green borders to top and bottom to make it 46 x 59.

I free motioned your hooks and loops for this one.  To Quilts Beyond Borders for the Navajo reservation.


On the Apples and Stars, I added length to top and bottom borders and did a meander in white.

Sorry for the terrible pictures of this one.  To Quilts Beyond Borders also.

WOW.  What a great bunch of quilts.  Thank you so much for your work Doris.  You really did a nice job!!  So many people will benefit from these.  I believe most of these tops were donated by the Cresco quilt ladies.  Thanks to all of you as well!!


9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Doris”

  1. Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting. Thanks for all the work for the charity quilts. It is so exciting to see all the different patterns that are used to create something special for another to enjoy. Great work by all!

  2. Great job completing these quilts for charity Doris. They are beautiful. Also, thanks to those you made the quilt tops.

    1. Jo, While not a quilter, I look forward every day to your blog. Love the photos, your notes about family, and your videos. I’ve read some of your book recommendations, and thought I would share with you a book I just finished entitled, “The Goodbye Quilt” by Susan Wiggs. It’s basically about a family in the mid-west that have one child, a daughter named Molly, who is getting ready to leave for college in the east. Her mom, Linda, is having a difficult time facing the days ahead without Molly. Mother and daughter decide to do a cross-country trip as a final togetherness on Molly’s way to college. Linda takes along a quilt she’s working on, which I found difficult to follow how she was doing this, but I found the thoughts from Molly about the quilt interesting. For those who have had or are having difficulties facing the “empty nest” syndrome, I would recommend this book. Easy read.

  3. Wonderful quilt tops and you did a great job finishing them Doris, love your choices for top quilting.

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