Community Quilts from Doris

Today Doris and the Cresco Ladies teamed up to make some great quilts…

Doris writes:
Jo, these were all from Cresco ladies.

This one is done with your hook and flower motif. The backing was a shell print.

The pirate quilt was quilted with…

loops. The backing was a plaid flannel.

The last one was nine-patch animals with a meander.

The backing was a striped sheet with an added black strip.

All have been given to local church group that provides quilts to foster care kids at Christmas.”

Thanks again Jo and Cresco ladies.”

These all turned out great.  A big shout out to the Cresco Ladies and to Doris for finishing them.  It is great that her local church group is doing what they can to love foster kids.  Quilts are the perfect hug.


4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Doris”

  1. I really wonder at how creative those Cresco ladies are and Doris did a wonderful job quilting and finishing these. Always a great charity to receive these for those in need. Thanks to all!

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