Community Quilts from Doreen and Laurie

I am combining finishes from two diffent quilt finishers today.  First up is Doreen.  Doreen is busy in the Quilt of Valor program.  If I ever get quilt tops that are patriotic, I pass them to Doreen.  She’s a friend of mine and I know she will always get them where they need to go.  If you even have a top that you would like to donate to Quilt of Valor, I can hook you up with Doreen.

Doreen writes:
Finally after all this time, I am able to send you some pictures of our recent QOV presentation. Due to Covid, we were not allowed to do presentations.

Our group has started to do large presentations again. This ceremony was held on June 26th where 19 veterans received quilts.

This quilt was donated to you by Deb in New York. I added a border to make it large enough per QOV requirements, got it quilted, and bound it up and now it has been awarded to a female veteran. I have another one, made by Deb, that is ready to be awarded and it will probably be presented at our September ceremony.  Many thanks to Deb for donating these quilts.

THANKS Doreen and Deb…Awesome!!

Next up I have two quilts from Laurie…

First is Angela Walter’s Build A Quilt finishing at 78 1/2” x 86”.

This was donated by Carolyn O & her sister of WA state relocating to Idaho. The perfect backing was sent in one of two boxes of beautiful material sent by the very generous Judith Z of New York.

The quilt design totally hides Laurie’s great job on machine quilting.  If you look at the pictures of the back of the quilt, you can see it.

Next up is another quilt from Laurie…

This quilt top was donated by Judy M of WA.  It finished at 79 1/2” x 90 1/2”.

The embroidery is fabulous and the machine quilting is too.

Just precious.  What a lot of work both Laurie and Judy did.

This one is just fabulous.

Many thanks for sending these directly to Laurie.  I just love it and it makes seeing finished quilts even more fun for me!!

The thread blended in so it’s hard to see Laurie’s amazing quilting.

Many thanks to everyone who finished quilts and everyone who donated.  What a blessing to be a part of an amazing group of ladies!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Doreen and Laurie”

  1. Beautiful quilts! It is great to see the QOV with recipients. How blessed and loved they are and so thankful for his or her service to our country.

  2. Carolyn and Judy donated remarkable and beautiful quilts! Laurie thoughtfully added to that beauty with her skilled longarm quilting. Two WOW finishes and much admiration for all the work that went into these stunning quilts! Bravo!!

    1. Deb and Doreen, that is a lovely QOV you worked together to make for this special veteran. It is nice to see these ceremonies again!

  3. These are all so pretty and will all be loved by the receivers. It is wonderful to see the generosity of so many sewists. God bless all involved in the making and the receiving. This is just a few of the many out reached arms of Jo’s Country Junction Blog. Thank you, Jo, for all you have done and will do for others. The sewist, the givers, the receivers and even just the readers, are all blessed by your efforts daily. Thank you so very much!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ladies all, beautiful tops and backing fabrics make wonderful finishes by Doreen and Laurie! May those who receive these quilts be blessed, Thank You!!

  5. The first quilt from Laurie (the gray one) reminded me of how things just come together..The gray striped back is perfect for the gray quilt. All the quilts are beautiful.

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