Community Quilts from Donna

I love connecting with people through community quilting.  Donna is someone new to the fold and I’m thrilled to have her on the team.

Donna writes:
I believe that these two quilts, Wonky Heart and Nine Patch with deep red sashing, are from the Cresco Ladies.

All my quilting is FMQ, not panto, and quilted on my Janome sit down long arm.

I absolutely love how the quilting on the squares looks on the 9 Patch.  It is one of my favorite quilting stitches and not only fills the block, but makes the quilt ‘pop’. 


The Wonky Heart was… a fun quilt top to quilt.

Each section has a different design.

I am not sure if the picture shows, but the wide border with the words on the fabric has hearts on vines quilting.

These two quilts will be donated to CASA, our local Abuse Shelter.

It’s great to have Donna on the crew.  She already sent me more pictures of other finished quilts so be on the watch for them!!  She’s speedy!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Donna”

  1. Both of the quilt Donna finished turned out great! I am amazed by the quilting on that first one. Donna’s quilting fills the blocks nicely and makes simple loops give the appearance of custom quilting. Well done!!

  2. Looking at these community quilt project finishes fills my heart with hope. Thank you to the material and top contributors, the quilt finishers and to Jo for coordinating and communicating such beautiful work. Inspiring!

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