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I have quilts to share with you from Donna. I got a message from Donna a bit ago concerned that I hadn’t show her quilt yet and she sent them to me way back in the Fall. I am guessing they were sent about the time my grandson Eli toppled my computer over and ruined it. I completely lost my email. I was using and old version of Outlook that is no longer available. Any email or draft that was open was completely gone never for me to able to see again. We have forwarded any email goes to the old address to my new address but if it was an opened email from that time, I completely lost it and have no way of knowing it was even there.

If you sent an email during that time and I never answered it…you’ll need to send it again.

I have since moved my email to Please direct any email for me to that address.

On another note. As long as I’m talking about email I want you to know, I only look at my email a few times a week. I do not daily read my email. If the grandkids are here or it’s a big day with foster dogs, I don’t read my email. I’ve learned to sit down at designated times to work on it at times that work best for me. I am not a person that ever reads email from my phone. I read it on my desk top at designated time slots. If you don’t get an answer from me within a week, feel free to send something again. If you feel you need me urgently, leave a comment in the comment section here. I do read comments on the blog daily…for me email is a “when I get to it” job.

Now to the quilts…Donna writes:

It’s Donna T. from NC.  When my husband brought in a package and said “Do you know what’s in this?” I saw the big Kramer stamp and said “That’s from my friend Jo!”  And get this, he knew who you were because I talk to him about you!

I’m a brand-spankin’-new finisher, and I was thrilled to see the variety of baby and throw sized quilt tops you sent my way!  I believe these tops came from the Cresco Ladies.

I started with the baby quilt tops and took the photos outside on my clothesline.  I thought the light was right, but I got some shadows and washout.  As I send more, I’ll work on my photography skills.

I did my own “Airing of the Quilts”…because I could! They’re doing a little happy dance!

First up is a very colorful “I Spy”quilt with bunnies, camels, butterflies, stripes, checks, and so much more!  As I mentioned, I think these quilt tops came from the creative Cresco Ladies.   This one had a tag that said “Made by Sarah.” (If you made this one, give us a shout out in the comments.) I quilted it with a simple crosshatch on my domestic machine.

I found a fun floral in my stash for the backing that has all of the great colors from the quilt top.  I bound it in a  pink and rose stripe I also had on hand.

Next is “Cozy 16 Patch.”…

 It’s made of soft flannel, and the blue border sets off the prints in the body of the quilt!  I mimicked the checkerboard design when I quilted it using a serpentine stitch.

I used a soft blue and white gingham for the back and the binding. Some sweet baby is going to feel snug in this one!

I call this next quilt “Froot Loops” because of the colorful oval images on the low volume print separating the solids.  I first used a simple crosshatch on the large squares, but since it looked like it needed something, I added some half orange peels (or arcs) to add more texture.

I had a cute check with most of the “Froot Loop” colors for the back, and I self-bound it with the check since I didn’t have enough to make a separate binding.  (My husband saw the backing and said “It’s kinda bright isn’t it?”  I replied “Not really when it’s paired with the nice bright top!”)  It worked!

 Welcome to the Zoo” was made from fun animal panels framed with colorful prints, and then bordered with a soft, wispy print.  I quilted it with a serpentine stitch in straight lines.  I love the texture it creates!

When I saw this quilt top, I knew it would be good for a baby boy.  This turquoise, yellow and green stripe fabric from my stash looks great as a backing and border!

 The maker of “Raggedy Ann and Andy” used some solid red and cute alphabet blocks to accent the colorful prints in the middle.  The side borders are a cute little worded print of Raggedy Ann and Andy with red hearts on white. I used the serpentine stitch on this quilt too.

This quilter provided the worded Raggedy Ann and Andy print for the backing, and I used that cute blue and white gingham check again for the binding.

I call this quilt “Bambi” and I’m sure it was inspired by the pink and blue deer and fox print. It was quilted with a crosshatch design and then some orange peels for movement.

Amazingly, I had a pink and blue floral print that had the same shades used in the border so I used it for the backing.  I used the pink and rose stripe again for the binding.

 It was so much fun to receive these quilt tops, figure out how to finish them, and see them become the baby quilts they were meant to be.  These are going to the pregnancy support centers in Asheboro, NC. and Salisbury, NC. My friend who works with the mothers said they really treasure these handmade gifts.  I look forward to giving these to my friend this weekend, knowing they will reach their final destination soon!

Thank you so much Jo, Cresco Ladies, and anyone else who had a hand in making this whole gift of love possible!

Wow!! Didn’t they all turn out great.

Thanks so much Donna for working on these and thanks to the Cresco Ladies for helping as well. It’s awesome to have so many working together to do great things!!

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  1. The amount of work and the number of people involved in producing these quilts is humbling. They all do such a lot to spread kindness to those who need it.

  2. Wonderful quilts you’ve finished, Donna! I admire your quilting from your domestic machine. I’m going to try and do more of that and have a project coming up soon to work on. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. A great team effort, Donna! I appreciate the thought you put into choosing the backings. Really well done.:)

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