Community Quilts from Donna

I am so excited.  I have finished quilts from Donna to share.

Donna writes:

Thank you for sending such a generous number of quilt tops for quilting.  They will be fun to quilt.  So many different styles.  

I am just now getting back into my sewing room.  All of November, December, and up till mid-January has been filled with family events.  We have been blessed with good health, although there were a few questionable moments.  Luckily, we all came out on the “A-OK” side of things.  

So now, the pictures of the quilts that I have completed and where they will be donated. 

The first set of pictures are for the quilt that was sent by Jean D. in TX. She sent the top, backing, and binding.  I quilted straight lines on this vintage style quilt.

This quilt will be donated to our local women’s shelter, CASA. 

Next, a super colorful quilt from…
a Mystery Blog Reader.  Oh, this was fun to work with.

A Crayola Crayon flannel was used for the backing and the quilting is inspired by the flight of the butterflies, dragonflies, and bees in the fabric.  

The striped binding compliments the colors in the quilt top and backing.  This will also be donated to the local women’s shelter, CASA.  

The piecing on this 12 Patch Floral quilt is impeccable.  The border that was added frames these beautiful blocks.  The backing is a chocolate brown ultra suede.  The ultra used is not a conventional backing, but it absolutely works to make a quilt that is super soft and cozy.

This quilt will go to our local Seniors At Home program.”

Wow…what wonderful work by all from the piecers to Donna the finisher.  I am so happy to have Donna on board and finishing quilts.  She does such nice work.

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  1. Judith Fairchild

    What lovely quilts! Thanks to all who participated in the doing I like the idea of using ultra suede. I have a soft i made using ultra suede over 20 years ago. It hS had just about any ki s of food plus other ot so nice things get on it. It still looks new. Unstained and totally washable.light weight and warm

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