Community Quilts from Cresco Ladies

I know many of you think that the Cresco Ladies only make quilt tops and donate them. Not true. They finish and donate MANY quilts themselves.

The other day Sandra stopped by and left a big bag of quilts telling me I could donate them wherever there was a need. Here is a parade of the quilts she sent…

All of them are lap-sized.

I think some of these are 3-yard quilt patterns. I’m not sure but I’m guessing so.

I think this one is too…

This was a nice “guy” quilt.

Check out the fun Sunbonnet print in this quilt.

I love seeing the wide variety of quilts.

Here’s a lady quilt…

I love the colors in this one. It must have been made with a fabric line.

This one is fun and reversible. There are animals on the front and back but you can flip it when your mood changes.

There were two that were cat-themed. I saved them and will donate them to the fundraiser for Heart Animal Rescue Pawction.

You can’t see it but the background print is little cats. It’s way cute!

Here is another cat quilt…This was a fun panel quilt. I like the way they used the panel!!

Donna is the group’s longarm quilter and she does wonderful work. I’m always so impressed!!

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Cresco Ladies”

    1. Pat C in Michigan

      Jo, the Cresco ladies really make a lot of quilts to donate as well as all the tops they turn out. Hooray for all they do.

      I was wondering if you still use the wool pressing mat and what your experience has been with it. Do you use a wood clapper?

    1. Go to the top of this post and on the right side you will see “Click here to join the blog’s email list.” Good luck!

  1. What kind and size are the plastic bins you recommended for storing your fabric. I couldn’t find them in your recommended list.

  2. Karen in Daytona Beach area

    I’m wondering how many members are in the Cresco Quilting group? They create an amazing amount of tops and quilts

  3. Karin R from PA and FL

    Yes. Several are from 3 yard quilt patterns. I make them regularly for charity and quick gifts. Love 3 yd quilt patterns!

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